Old but not past it

Being retired I took up photography after a lifetime as a trombone player and the first agency I turned to was dreamstime. I was a slow starter but just kept trying now got over 700 accepted. Recently I bought a camcorder with my earnings and I am now posting to Youtube

which has been amazing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fEV8wZIGM0

or get me under Peter fats Baxter . My life is starting again all thanks to photography. Now I can make music videos sat at home and post them I have even sold my first one for 50 dollars off Youtube.

I have only owned a camcorder 2 months???

Your article must be written in English

January 11, 2008


Wow, that is amazing... Congratulation with your endeavor.. Well, in my case I was able to sold a Acura Cl Header Pipe at ebay.. Nothing more nothing less for the range of six months... You can just imagine how unlucky I am when it comes to photogtraphy...

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