Old Russian cameras

I love the old analog cameras! They are easy too use and the quality is great! There is a good opportunity for making your own ********b at home (when using b/w film).

I have got an old FED35A and my friend has an old genuine Zenit-E. I prefer the Zenit; it has some sort of light meter and I can see where the focus is. My FED has no battery (they do not produce sovjet batteries anymore) so it has no automatic function at all. I can not see the focusing or the ammount of light when I take the picture. I decided to try anyway and bought a b/w film. I will report the results!

PS: Try this instruction for a matchbox pinhole! Great fun!


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August 31, 2007


i Have become fond of russian cameras myself. I used to have a lomo LCA. its ok for snapshots but not much else. I recently acquired a Fed5b. I really like is manual setting. I screw in a cable release and get some nice long exposure shots. I also like how this camera doesnt need batteries. though its very limiting, I have been using this camera moreso than my digital ones...

August 22, 2007


I adore our soviet cameras for their quality. I had Smena, Kiev and still keep Zenit-E. I learnt how to shoot with my Zenit, and I like the black-and white images I took with its help. I don't use film cameras any longer, though I keep my Zenit as a memory and as a relic =).

July 27, 2007


Hi. I that old technology as well. I had few Zenits. And I think the best one is Zenit TTL. It's quite modern compering to your friends one but still so manual.. I use Canon Eos 50 to take some b/w photos. It still makes me fun. I do some scanning and the prints are just great. I love portrait and nude photos (with the shade - not to much light) in that technic. It's so excited to see your work after just wondering how it could be..
Take care and good luck.

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