Older people

Many older people suffering because of their loneliness, diseases and heartless family. Why is this happened to them, their lives sometimes are not so easy and calm at it suppose to be.

We meddle age people still have a chance to change that. Our moms and dads begging to older, and it seem that this is getting them so quickly that we are not prepared for that situation at all. In Poland there are houses for old people but they are not prepare to love them to the rest of their lives, if you lucky you find one that is good for their patients but most of them are know as places to die not to live even private houses for older people sometimes are so heartless.

What to do? We suppose to take care for our families even when such care means that our big devotion. I read about how Holland is taking care of their seniors, and I was really positive shock. It seems that when this time came older people sell their properties and moved to place with is like a city prepared for them, with near hospital care, day nurse care and other comforts help them in their ordinary live. They live separately but still together and as always have their independence and free will, everyone have a guardian that is really taking care twenty-four ours per day. I read somewhere that how we taking care on our seniors tells everything about our nation.

I hope that in Poland it will be changing for better because all those bad information are telling that our nation is heartless but it is not a true. We love our family and better take care of seniors in home then gave them away to place where no one loves them even if it’s sometimes a big devotion, but looking at their happy smile is more precious.

Photo credits: Konstantin Sutyagin, Marilyn Barbone.

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