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What is the Olympic Games for any person? Five crossed rings, the runner with a torch … This list can be continued infinitely because each person concerns the Olympic Games in different ways.

Olympic games (sometimes them name simply the Olympic Games) this international sports competition which unites set of kinds of sports, and they divided into winter and summer competitions. Summer and winter competitions are being held each four years.

Participation in Olympic games unites sportsmen practically from all countries of the world. With improvement of satellite communications and the world telecasting of events, the Olympic Games have got essential support. Olympic games in Beijing have united three hundred two events in twenty eight kinds of sports.

Olympic games are the sports competition most more prestigiously in the world, the victory at Olympic stadium is considered the most valuable in a sporting world. For each competition medals are handed over: gold medals hand over for the first place, silver - for the second, and bronze - for the third. This tradition has been begun in 1904.

The Olympic Games, at all its seeming romanticism, are laborious work of organising committees, huge expenses for preparation and building of stadiums, illumination, scenery, invitations, protection, and many other things points of expenses.

On the other hand it's also the reason of inflow of essential investments into the country as after carrying out of games interest to a city-organizer increases. Tourists start to gather in the country, simple admirers of sport competitions, and businessmen.

It appears that in the world there are the whole societies which purpose is not to allow to hold the Olympic Games in a native land. They are based that preparations for a short-term holiday exhaust the budget and negatively affect townsmen where are being held the Olympic Games.

However the financial question though solves much, but it is not soul of these competitions. It was very correctly formulated by "father" of the modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertinin in the report read in Sorbonne. Speech in it went that the world should unite under uniform idea of sports meet, and the youth should not forget about great value of health.

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