Olympic torch relay kicks off in Guangzhou

May,7,2008, it's an iindelible, memorable and unforgettable day for Guangzhou city for Olympic torch relay kicks off in Guangzhou.

Before it was began at about 8 o'clock, thousands of people gathered to the Guangzhou gymnasium where the first touch bearer started. Police had announced NO vehicle allowed to near road. lots of people standed on the both sides of the BaiYun thoroughfare. I had never seen so much people on that road!

When the torch bearer came, all people cheered and wave the flags on their hands!

In the whole day, all Guangzhou city seems to take into a crazy atmosphere! You can see almost all people swarmed into the street that the touch beerers would pass, some people danced and sang when the torch cameļ¼

Because of my poor English, I can't use enough words to describe such crazy day for Guangzhou, for about 10 million citizens in this large city, just like a most important festival or carnival time!

More photos taken by me at: http://dpic.dpnet.com.cn/user1/1940612/archives/2008/171594.shtml

Photo credits: Zhuang Hua.

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May 15, 2008


I'm glad you documented it... I'm sure it was a very exciting moment.

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