Olympics Rio 2016

Hi Friends,

Olympic Games are coming and I can't wait for the images that this wonderful party can provide to us.

Rio de Janeiro is a place that can give the most beautiful pictures of the olympic history.

If the tourists come here with the same happiness and enthusiasm that We could see on the last World Cup, We can have a great number of good images.

Last weekend I was walk at Copacabana's Beach and I could feel this olympic atmosphere.

Rio de Janeiro is fully open arms for tourists coming from whole world.

Here are some picture taken last weekend.

People taking pictures at Olympics Arcs located at Copacaban's Beach

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Vinicius and Tom - Olympic and Paralympic Mascots

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July 27, 2016


The Brazilian people expected to only have good memories of this wonderful sports party. :-)

July 27, 2016


Hi Luis,

Being someone that has been and lived in Brazil I do fear for the safety of everyone there during the Olympics.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

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Photo credits: Luis Gustavo.