One Billion Dollars!

That's my goal for total earnings online before I die!

I'm getting there... slowly. Last year, my total online sales from all assets on all sites was roughly $3500 (not counting eBay). This year, so far, I'm on pace to double it.

I know you're gonna click on my portfolio and shake your head. But they key, I have found, is diversity and finding niches. I've stated previously in a blog that I'm primarily a video guy. My still portfolio is the result of rendering out some high resolution stills from video projects. Which, I don't do often enough.

My first rule is, treat stock like a business. If you treat it like a hobby then progression and success will come much harder. Try to schedule regular hours when possible and when you're doing it, don't have the television on or hold a conversation with your 4-year old about where hot dogs come from (yeah, she went *there* and we both giggled).

My second rule is research. I don't spend much time scanning popular images or clips. What sold yesterday isn't that important to me, I wanna know what's gonna sell tomorrow. So I read a lot of marketing information about trends, popular looks in commercials or print ads, and I watch a lot of television for the commercials and infomercials. I pay attention to every single request from buyers, not so that I can fill that request now, so much as looking for trends in what buyers are looking for.

My third rule (the hardest of them all) is patience. There are thousands upon thousands of people just like me all struggling for a piece of the pie. Fortunately, most of them will become frustrated at slow (or non-existent) progress and quit. I'm just happy with ANY kind of progress, be it making just $1 more this year than I did last year, or getting kudos from a few buyers who really enjoyed my work.

And my fourth (and final) rule is that I invest half of what I make back into my "business". Be it new equipment, new software, or just gas in the car to get me some place I haven't been before.

The stock business is growing and evolving... I have to grow with it, or get left behind. Most of you are WAY MORE talented than I am, so I gotta be smarter and trickier whenever I can. :)

Photo credits: Isselee.

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Very smart words. I enjoy it, but you are right - treat it like a business and put the time in and it will grow and reward you. I have found that I sell more often when I am actively uploading rather than those times that I take off.


Just testing the system.. but doubling your money every year is a good thing.


If you can just double your earnings every year, you'll be done in less than 20 years!


For somebody who has made no money from pics and $2.08 from his website (payment to host $12 per month), you will be my great inspiration. Thanks a billion. And all those who sneer will tell their grand children that they had read your resolution when you were about $99.99 million dollars (maths is not my great strength) away from your goal :)


Good look!


I don't sell pictures on eBay, but I do sell DVDs with footage and animations.


"Last year, my total online sales from all assets on all sites was roughly $3500 (not counting eBay). " - Do you mean that you sell pictures on eBay, too? Didn't know that it's possible.


"Last year, my total online sales from all assets on all sites was roughly $3500 (not counting eBay). " - Do you mean that you sell pictures on eBay, too? Didn't know that it's possible.


Thank you for sharing. I love your portfolio. :)


Darn it Dave, I wish you were my referral. :)


Thanks, very encouraging words. I'll follow your advice. I'm finding now when I'm out and about I'm constantly looking for things that may be stock worthy instead of just photgraphic. Not sure if that's a good thing but I really want to earn with this so I guess from a business perspective it's a good thing. I've made $6.97 in my first month & I'm ecstatic. It's a start.


Very insightful article, thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips for the rest of us! Good luck on your quest to a billion!


What are you doing blogging then, you are way behind...get that camera out already.


A billion is a lot of $$$ and even more images. If I did the calculations right, you will need 4, 5 or maybe even more lives to met that goal. My hat comes off to you for your vision. I've been wrong before and only have you to prove me right. Good luck and don't neglect that 4 year old for your stardom. I actually love your portfolio. You did your homework and pretty much know what stock imagery is all about.


Nice determination! I already made my first Billion now working on the second :P
Good luck and thanks...
Cheers ;)


well put! and good luck! :)


Very true, one billion hummmmmm wish you success my friend.


Good luck with you goal!


Great attitude! You're sure to go far. Thanks for sharing :0)


Well said!

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