A one dream concerning fly

Start in 2006, I have been planning with my father Maldive Islands trip, but because I only had at that time 13 years old, my father thought that I was still too small and there was no way swimming, this made me disappoint very much.....

But several years after, I became a photographer, designer......A lot of titles, I joined 2 to photograph labor union, I had five different works and part-time, but I still have been dreaming of to travek.....

Who don't think flight?But we aren't birds, there is no wing, so can be foolish at first.....

Have a period of time I drew a lot of balloons, here be just one small part, in the later picture, everyone can see more balloon and rainbow.

I the Maldive Islands that once saw a photograph inside, I feel that I need a holidays, in spring.

Photo credits: Kevin2010.


Your article must be written in English

February 19, 2010


Great when you can put your dreams in a picture to share it! Wish you luck with your dream & images :)

February 19, 2010


I wish you good luck too!

February 19, 2010


As Frantab01 said it is never to late to travel; for example my grandfather came to Switzerland (where he had some very good time in the late 70's) two years ago, he was older than eighty years, sadly it was his last big journey. The other way to travel lies within you, your phantasy and your dreams.So DREAMstime is the right place for you :-)

February 19, 2010


it's still never too late to travel - good luck

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