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Ok, I'm using the credits I accumulate to highlight particular photos that I find particularly effective. These little "mini-critiques" are designed to call attention to what I think makes these particular photo's great.

Today's feature is from Hobbyink.

I think this photo does a really effective job of carrying its intended message. Here are the things that strike me as particularly effective:

1. The field of focus is just right. It takes my eye right to the action (literally) of this gun. The whisp of smoke is just perfect. It lets me know that this is not some staged shot in a studio. This is the real deal - smoke, fire, guns and bullets. How much better does it get?

2. The shooter's hand is also in focus and speaks "action" and he's ready to fire again. Had it just been a gun absent smoke and hand - it would have just been a prop. But with the smoke and hand - its an action shot and makes me think of the next shot to come.

3. Someone might observe that the photo lacks super vibrant colors. While that would certainly be great for a nature shot or landscape, I believe super-vibrant colors would have ruined this shot. The imaging here is much more consistent with a military look and feel: gritty, realistic, REAL.

So, I say - great photo - it accomplishes its mission very effectively.

Any suggestions for a caption?

Photo credits: Teresa Kenney.

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August 23, 2007


This is fun! Who are you going to do next?!

August 23, 2007


Tonygers - yes, I like that caption. Or how about, "US Army: Aim High", etc.
Lukasyztymszan - I'll find one of yours I like best... I'm no good at picking the worst!
Hobbyink - great to hear your story on the photo - fun to hear the background. Good work in my humble opinion!

August 23, 2007


Well done! Though I personally prefer more peaceful images (like your top seller, Teresa :) ). But, David, your ability to sum up the essense of a photo is amazing. Keep on your great job! :)

August 23, 2007


What about "go ahead skunk, make my day."

August 23, 2007


Hi David.
It is a nice critique. We can learn some good tips by that. Maybe you would like to do the same with my pictures. Please choose the one you like the most and the worst one.
Take care.

August 23, 2007


Your critique on this photo is amazing! The image is actually my fiance. We were out for one of our first range days together with the camera. I remember the day well: it was an afternoon, and was sunny and quite warm. We were in a partially shaded area, but there was a lot of light flickering through the trees towering above us. My fiance was practicing his firearms tactics (he was still in the military when this shot was taken). We were out there for hours, and the gun was really starting to heat up with all of the ammunition that was being put through it. He paused for a moment before reloading, allowing me to capture this image.

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