One Hundred Sales!

Hello Everyone,

Just yesterday, I reached my 100th sale here at Dreamstime. For me this is a huge milestone as less than a year ago, April 2008, I submitted two photos that started my journey into micro stock photography. The photos were accepted and within a few weeks, I had my first sale. The joy and feeling of accomplishment of having one’s work accepted into the commercial world is amazing. This has been inspirational in driving me to work harder, learn more, and practice the techniques offered in blogs and tutorials by many talented and generous members of the Dreamstime family.

Taking photographs and capturing images is something I would do regardless of the financial gain. However, learning to take better photos by gaining knowledge of my equipment and post processing techniques makes taking photos immensely more enjoyable.

Therefore, in closing I offer my sincere thanks to the many that have offered the helpful tips and tutorials. Thanks to the Dreamstime team for considering my images and many thanks to the buyers that have purchased the images.

My first sale and one of two photos initially accepted, a contented cat grooming

My One hundredth sale, a lioness stalking

Cheers to all -- Marilyn

Photo credits: Marilyn Gould.

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Very nice portfolio.Congratulations, Marilyn


Thats fantastic, keep up the great work. Karen


If you want, you can add in my Facebook profile, I give you my email is "", you can see all, we talk more ... I am waiting to you. thank Sergio Pedro arts cs


Thank you very much! Also you, you have talent to work! like your photos! I hope so one day, come to talk free! hug sergio Arts


That is freakin' awesome. So happy for you. I agree that this whole microstock game is such a learning experience. Keep the excellent images coming, Marilyn.


Congratulation,Iam start at 2 mounth ago and Iam amateur photograpy,i hope sometime i have to sell photo like you.You have a great shots.


Thank you so much Marilyn. You have some great shots. Keep it up!

Kind regards
Mossel (South Africa)


Thank you! You have so many beautiful cats, are they all your pets? Cheers, Marilyn


Congratulations!!I belive you'll have more sales.I like your cat,it posture too lovely:)


Congratulations!! I have just started now with a few photographs.. Hope to become successful like you!! Your animals are cute! Good luck!


WoW! Congratulate you Marilyn!)) I like your funny animals:))


Congratulations Marylin and how Irisangel said the next will come faster.Wish you luck,Gabriel


Great achievement! Congrats :-)


Congratulations Marilyn. The next 100 will come faster. Keep up the great work.




I'm still fighting for my 100 sales...


That's wonderful...congrads..


My thanks to all of your for your positive and encouraging comments! On to the next 100! Cheers!


congratulations . . . wishing you to sell hundreds more!


Wonderful! You have a great eye and awesome images! Your "Cat Licking Paw" especially is a great capture! Congratulations and continued success.

Best regards,

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