One month of Dreamstime

Dear members, dear contributors,

I greet all of you.

I have almost one month of Dreamstime as contributor and... with no results yet :). In this month my total stock photos accepted are 36 with an acceptance ratio of 48%.

I want to ask you how was your first month online and after what period did you registered your first results?

About me, I can tell you that I'm not a professional photographer, I do not use a professional camera, only a more evolved compact, super zoom camera, but I like a lot to take photos of everything, let's say is a passion that I want to develop it into a professional practice.

So, what's your opinion, do I have a chance?

One of my first uploaded photo

Houses of Marken island, Netherlands

Photo credits: Constructerman.

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My first sale, yuppie!!! I'm so happy for my work :p
ID 60803780


Ok Larry,
Sorry for the blog's issue. One day I lowered the prices for same photos and the level of the photo became zero :)
The dreamstime recommendation is fine and I do not think about anymore about prices for the moment.
My curiosity made me put the question, as a personal information from you, contributors. I thought that is a strategy for selling in this way, and this one counts.

Don't warry about spelling, we all do errors :p


I know there are some spelling errors in the previous post but I'm not taking chances on the whole thing disappearing.


I wrote you but Dreamstime has real issues with the blogs and the whole thing which took over a half an hour disappeared never to be seen again.

I use the prices set by Dreamstime. They have an interest in selling your photos because they get a cut. So I use their pricing.

Many photogs think they will get more sales by lowering prices. Buyers seldom have the time nor do they want to go searching not only for a photo but for a little price difference.

Shoot the best you can and don't sweat the prices. If you are negotiating on your own with someone, there are web sites to help you with pricing strategies. Never fall for the old line, "We will give you more work if you givve us a bttter price." No they won't.

Look at toher photographers here ( , and )

So shoot away and don't sweat the prices right now.



Nobody wants to say something about prices? :)


So, I'll use may small camera ahead :).
I have to admit that all the photos from my actual portfolio are taken before my registration to, and now being here and submitting my shots to a passing test of professionals gives me the chance to be more focused on details, to develop my ordinary technique, to learn more.

I have another question, about prices for commercial photos. Do you use the recommended prices or you set your price accordingly with the potential of the photo, in some cases lower then the recommendation?



Don't go equipment crazy. 36 of your photos have been accepted which means your camera is good. The more expensive cameras can make some things easier, but for the most part, subject matter, composition and exposure are in my opinion, the most important.

The picture above is great and a more expensive camera would not make it much better.

And on the zooming thing, I didn't mean your picture is fuzzy, only that if you get to the end of the zoom, either close up or far away, you would be better moving in or away using your feet. Any lens, no matter the cost, is going to offer poorer performance at its extremes.

(You have 36 photos online and I have 30. You've been 1-2 months and I've been here for years. Like Andremor said, it's not about quantity, but quality.)

Most of all, relax and enjoy yourself.



Keep up! Good luck!


In know that this is just my beginning in stock photography. I know also that this activity must please you and you need a have some skills in this way, like Larry was saying "to have a good eye". Probably I should enter in DSLR world.
I'm not here only for selling, but also for my satisfaction, to enjoy my work.

Andrei salutari!


Hi Florin.
I have a portfolio of less than 50 photos. For more than 2 years now I haven t uploaded anything.
From all these 46 photos of mine, only 8 of them raised the interest of buyers. One of these photos brought me $83.68, other photo brought me less than the value of a lollipop.

In my opinion:
Quality is what brings the cash, not the quantity. Many people here would advise you to keep uploading as mutch as you can but I wouldnt bet on that.

Mult succes iti doresc!


Hi Florin!
Of course you have a chance :-)
Patience pays! Just practice and upload more. Find the "sweetpoint" of your gear and stay within. Always check your images in 100% before uploading. Also, you can learn a lot from the blogs here. Think about why anyone would buy youre images - how they are going to be used.
When i started it took a couple of months before sales started...
So, welcome to DT and Good Luck!


Thank you Larry. I appreciate your advice. Regarding the sharpness of the photo, I believe that this is given also by the steadiness of the shot and the quality of the camera.


A very nice shot. Watch your horizons as this picture leans a little to the left. You'll do fine, you have a good eye. Remember though, that if you try and shoot at the full extension of your zoom, your pictures may not be as sharp as you like. Same with the shortest focal lengths. In the middle is the best. Zoom or expand by using your feet.


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