one more download to Level 3

This image of the little boy on the bicycle with the grownups cycling together .

this morning I received confirmation from Erin of Support when I asked how many more I need to get to the next level. Erin wrote back so quickly (thanks again Erin , multumesc), to say just one more.

so, I am a happy camper... um, no, let's make it a happy laptop computer man

like you see me here.

and of course, I cannot wait for the day so my dear model and special friend

will be happy for me too, when I write her to tell her the good news.

I will sing...

and I will be so happy, and hopefully this will mean the commissions will be better and I can earn more money to faster get enough

for the next payout ,

so I can put my downpayment to buy some more studio equipment

and for now, I will just stand in front of a wall ..,

like this..

with my arms folded ...

wishing and hoping and praying

for the miracle to come falling down from the sky.


but seriously, this is no laughing matter.

To all who have downloaded this image,

and all who have downloaded other images from my portfolio..



and to you too, my friends who visit my blog all the time.

You rock !

Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

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April 01, 2010


Congratulations!!! ;) Amazing photos! Good luck and many more sales..

April 01, 2010


Every step up the ladder feels good! .... and so that everybody knows .... I was the one that told you to be your own model. I might add your doing very well at it. I want to write a book "Cooking for Dummies" Guess which photo I would use for the cover! Lots of luck to ya! -Larry

April 01, 2010


You're funny and a very good model, too. I enjoy reading your blogs and like looking through your PF.

March 31, 2010


I see you are a level 3!! Woo Hoo. Congrats:)

March 31, 2010


Congratulation! :-)

March 31, 2010


Congratulations! It's a great picture! I think, it'll become level 4 soon)

March 31, 2010


Congratulations and I wish you many more levels for the future :o)

March 31, 2010


You got there, didn't you? Congratulations and very funny blog :-)

March 30, 2010


Cristalloid, Trottola,Mani old friend, Afagundes, Justmeyo, Wildmac..
always so good to see you here..
and to all who have downloaded my work,...
Cheers to all of you too. you 're all the best , and I wish you for next week...all a wonderful Easter . and for those who observe Passover yesaterday , have a Holy Week!!!

March 30, 2010


Congratulations Matt, it's always a pleasure reading your blogs :))

March 30, 2010



March 30, 2010


Congrats on your achievement!

March 30, 2010


THANK YOU then to the generous person who granted my wish so quickly.
and God Bless You.

March 30, 2010


No Mat it wasn't, it was when I got here! Congratulations again ;)

March 30, 2010


wowoee zowee, I cannot believe it Mani.. was it you who did it?
candy .... out .... c... in...
of course i remember you. shukran Allhumdulilahi..
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK for each level :)

March 30, 2010


It is officially in level 3 now! Stop staring to the wall with the hands folded & give some candy to the boy if you still remember who he is :P
Congratulations ;)

March 30, 2010


I wish you to reach the 3rd level quickly, one sell would'nt be so difficult for your image ;). Good luck, happy laptop computer man!

March 30, 2010


good news :)

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