This morning one idea came to me, one idea I would like to share with all of you folks.

Each day, I turn on the TV and watch the news from around the world. To many bad news, and the happy one is almost impossible to see these days.

People loosing lives every day from wide variety of diseases, natural disasters like flood, earthquake, fire, tsunamies, you name it, and if they manage by some miracle to save their lives, they loose pretty much everything else.

They find themselves in the street with so little help, or no help at all.

I want to change that, with yours, and with Dreamstime help off, course.

ONE PICTURE - ONE LIFE is at least what we could do to make this story look better.

What I meant to say is:

1) Dreamstime initiate this humanitarian action at least once in a month.

2) Dreamstime photographers (you and me) donate just 1,00 $ from our revenues.

3) We all feel better when we know that pictures we took helped in saving other lives, or gave food to some hungry child in a world.

In a time of writing this blog there are 110495 photographers and raising each minute just on Dreamstime. Imagine 1,00 $ from each of us, and how many microstock agencies are there in the market. If you have an account there please spread the word.I hope Dreamstime will be the first (initiator) of such action.

Please, support this idea, and hopefully, someone from Dreamstime will see this text and recognize it as our good will to make changes in this world to better.

We put our imagination, our ideas, and sometimes, we express our deepest emotions through our pictures.

Let this be a part of even greater meaning for all of us.

We won't change the whole world, but it's a good start.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Photo credits: Mladen Bozickovic.


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I was "digging" a little on internet in order to find a way of how we can help people of Japan who suffered so much these days, and I found one article on

Here is the following article:

" As the full effects of Friday's combined earthquake and tsunami become apparent, dpreview would like to extend its sympathies to the people of Japan being affected. dpreview works closely with several companies in the affected region and our thoughts are with their employees at this difficult time. However, while it's clear that these events will have an impact on the photographic industry, we feel now is not the time to be speculating on such issues. Instead we would like to draw attention to ways of contributing to relief efforts, via organizations such as the Japanese Red Cross.

Click here to visit Google's Crisis Response page to donate to the Japanese Red Cross.

Or click here to donate to the American Red Cross

Or click here to donate to the British Red Cross's Japan Tsunami Appeal

I wonder if Dreamstime could join forces with "dpreview" or perhaps connect with these organizations, and make some arrangements to support this action, by organizing simple ONE CLICK $ DONATION from our revenue for every photographer, designer, or any other user on this site who is willing to help.
Please, support me on this one Dreamstime.



Great idea, I 'm for this action...


Regarding some very unfortunate events in Japan, that we all witnessing these days, I'm sending another appeal to Dreamstime to initiate humanitarian action with help of all of us photographers, designers and all others who wishes to help and donate one small part of our revenues to homeless people of Japan.
They desperately need help NOW!!!
There is no time to wait, so please Dreamstime, don't reject this idea easily due to administration problems!
This would be the easiest way to donate help.
One click on Dreamstime could save lives in Japan.

Yours sincerely

p.s. C'mon people support this action, let's show how Dreamstime community can make this World a better place...


Well, DT community seem to approve my idea.
I would like to thank them for their support so far.
Hopefully Dreamstime will eventually embrace this idea, and we will be given the opportunity to become part of this humanitarian action.
Please, don't give up on us...


Great idea. Count me in.


The idea really noteworthy. I'm all for it to join. One click on such a large group can make a difference.


Great idea... Count with me too...


Fantastic idea!


Its a great idea!


Good idea!


Thanks you all for support so far.
I understand that what Nikitu say it's probably so, but...
The idea was to help collecting money for people who really need them on the easiest way possible.
And this one with Dreamstime seemed to me like a great idea.
Because when you receive payment from Dreamstime, your first idea is surely not going to be search for humanitarian organizations.
And when you have possibility to donate 1,00 $ (or more) through only one click on this site, than I think, that much more people would have been involved in this action.
Please, consider this idea.
If we put just a little effort in it, we could move mountains easily...


good idea!!!


This has been brought up in the past but the logistic required as well as the planning required are beyond our capabilities.
You can, however donate from your earnings when you receive them, to any of the international organizations that help people better then we'll ever be able too.
Or you can try one of the less conventional ways of helping like


great idea and nice pic


I`m in! That`s a great idea! Hope the admins would read this and give it a try!
Thanks for this one!


Great idea, would definitely like this.


Great idea, count me in


Thank you Debra and Igor for supporting this idea.
I hope the rest of the DT community will agree with us and give us a hand here...


Thanks for the great idea! I completely suppot it, for sure. I would only add that for those who wants to contribute more than 1$ such opportunity should be provided, as well.


thats a fantastic idea, if dt gets it going i will gladly contribute :)

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