One picture short story.

Some pictures have interesting stories. This one may be interesting for dreamstimers.

© Yuris

It was before last Christmas. I heard a sound of a strong blow in my window. Coming out I found a bullfinch lying in front of the window in the snow without showing any indication being alive. It was very cold outside, some 35 degrees below zero Centigrade.

I took him in to the house. The bullfinch didn't move, the eyes were closed. We thought he was dead and decided how to bury a poor bird tomorrow. But later in the evening the bullfinch still lying opened one eye - he was alive! Next day he could fly in the house. And surprisingly at that moment this wild bird was not afraid of us at all. The bullfinch could spend good time on the daughter's head, liked to land down to my laptop computer and adored to fly to the kitchen to ask my wife for a snack.

But the most amazing thing happened when I decided to take a picture of him for memory. I could do it only once. The bullfinch sat on my camera. After that every time he just saw the camera he was in a hurry to sit down on it! I was not able to take pictures! I could solve the problem only after setting a spare camera on a tripod. This was the place where the bullfinch spent a lot of his time. I decided he was an amateur photographer. A colleague. And a friend.

Photo credits: Yury Shirokov.

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August 25, 2012


привет! я из Иркутска хочу с тобой пообщаться. напиши мне на почту

July 05, 2011


I love it! Thanks for sharing this Yury!

June 16, 2010



nice Story with a nice picture.

Greets Schmali

June 15, 2010


Amazing!! I love it. Thanks for sharing your lovely story and beautiful bird. cheers!!

November 09, 2009


Ilike this story,its a amazing.thanks

September 10, 2008


A very wonderful story, and great photos! Thank you for sharing.

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