Only one of it's kind here at DT

This months blog must be dedicated to those of us who strive to achieve that ever elusive, "one of a kind" … And in the interests of generating a sale for a fellow DT'er.

Have you managed to single out a subject matter, or individual item, that just has not yet made it into the vast library of images here at DT?

I do strive to find those items, not because it is anything other than an interesting challenge, that I have set out for myself, and would love to extend to all you fellow contributors …

My inclusion for this month was the acceptance of an image that while it may be of a similar theme, and type of item, that are plentiful in the library, it remains individual in that the specific make/model is certainly the only image of it's kind here …

While I may have made it into the class of "individuality" I have been mindful that the image must still have the potential of attracting sales … Have you guessed what it is yet?

OK, I'll give you a clue, it is a subject matter that I am very keen on …

It is like many other in my portfolio, while it remains most distinctly individual …

Still guessing … Post your guesses and I'll make a purchase from the person who first guesses the correct image.

© Kmitu

For those members who aren't keen on getting in on the action, but would like to also detail their own individual 1st's that they have had included into the library, I'd love to see what you have on offer …

Photo credits: Kmitu.

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September 13, 2010


Blinky cartoon? See my port and decide yourself ;-)

Nice image indeed.

September 10, 2010


Patrick, Great image. I am sure it will do well. Thank you for sharing.:)

September 08, 2010


Hi Patrick, its a great image that I am sure will do well. Thanks, I did get the sale, however, this was one of my scanned images from old film format so hope there is not too much noise etc on the image. Having another look at it, I should have done some more work in PS before submitting...

September 07, 2010


Well done … Fulton … [and as promised, the download you should see factoring into your sales for this month, is a wonderful image "6441513" … I know that it will come in handy some time soon.

Indeed it is the Beechcraft 1900C.

And yes while there are currently [only] 38 images of various Beechcraft models [of which there are 11 of them my images] — The image of the 1900c seems the only one of it's kind, in the DT library. [Well certainly tagged as such anyway].

In fact, I have come to know that this particular model is quite rare indeed, as there were only a select few ever built [695 in total, of which ± 419 remain in service, world wide], so they may indeed not be "everywhere" for us all to get a quick snap of soon …

Thanks for the update on the other "individuals" that I have posted …
Do you have any yet?

September 07, 2010


Any Free ideas left :p

September 07, 2010


And just to double my chances, if it is in your free images section, it could be the Aston Martin Roadster as there are none listed as V8 Vantage Roadster, or it could in fact be the Jet cover as I could not find another one of these either, it seems you have more elusive images than you thought :0)

September 07, 2010


Hi, as you have uploaded 7 this month, it would be the beechcraft plane, although there are other beechcraft style planes this is the only one of its kind I could find?

September 06, 2010


Definitely a vehicle.

September 06, 2010


I won!
Did I?
When do I get the Porshe?

September 06, 2010


Indeed …
The catch is to find the "free idea" … ;)

September 06, 2010


Got me thinking now.....damn you ;)

Free with a catch?

Read the fine print?

September 06, 2010


I guess concept of free gift although I cannot see why the magnifier is below the red ball rather than on top of it. Very impressive portfolio and even more impressive sales. David.

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