One sell gives me much encouragement

After uploaded some pictures last year, i seldom came here because i found there is a long distance between my pictures and others. But last week, i logined the dreamstime, i found i sold out one picture, it is real encouragement to me.

so i upload some more pictures and hope all of you will like them.

these are photoed in YanTai of China, a coast city,you can find more information about the beautiful city online.

The girl in the picture is my wife, we love each other so much.

Photo credits: Zyyillusion.

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April 14, 2013


First picture that i sold was this one!I also was very glad!And this pushed me to do more!)))

April 09, 2013



April 09, 2013


Congratulations, keep it up.

April 08, 2013


Congratulations! Keep working you have nice images!

April 08, 2013


Two sold now-well done. Keep uploading. Love the photos and also the way you express your love for your wife, All the best to you.

April 08, 2013


Congrats, keep them coming.

April 07, 2013


your photos are very nice! congratulations!

April 07, 2013


I like your oldest pictures and also the new ones.
Personally I uploaded only one image in 2007 and in 2011 I discovered it was sold 6 times.
Fron june 2011 I started to upload 200 images every years and actually I sell about 20 images every month. Keep uploading and surely you will sell more images.

April 07, 2013


Congratulations in your sale!

April 07, 2013


I can understand your point of view. I think there is not a great difference between your pictures and the others-as u say. I think your pictures are fine. Some times is just that what we think are great pictures is not what sells better. And some times what seems a normal picture sells very well )and the sames goes for the accepted or not... Any way congratulations in your sale. Cheers

April 07, 2013


Nice regular on DT and you'll sell more :)

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