One shot from last year

Recently I got the MR for the shown image. My friend and I were mountaineering in the Bernese Highlands in Switzerland. This shot was done about 150 meters away from the summit of Monch, a 4000-meter-peak, we are standing on the last ridge to summit, that was 40 to 30 cm wide and partly even narrower, on every side of the ridge the face was falling down several hundred dizzying meters. Both of us were afraid to fall down but finally we made it to summit.

It was a great, great day in late summer, slightly over 0

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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February 26, 2010


WOW!! Nice picture!! I like more been in the beach in summer.Is too cold for me

February 26, 2010


Incredible image.... WOW

February 26, 2010


It's very nice!

February 26, 2010


what an adventure - great shot :)

February 26, 2010


Quite dangerous! Great shot!

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