One subject and millions of options to shoot.

I have heard many of my friends saying, there is no more subject to shoot, but I don't think its not true. With one single subject you can create millions of images. And I think all the million images will be different from each other.

I have started to explore this option, my favorite subject is the Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi.

Whenever I visit that place around 160 kilometer from my place, it brings lots of peace. I go to that mosque, see people from around the world, from different community and different religion. When you interact with people from other religion it makes me feel proud, at least there are many who don't think that place of worship is terrorism. Well its not an religious blog or anything against anybody. Just wanted to highlight that this mosque is must visit place when you guys come down to Dubai.

Now back to my subject, so everytime I visit I make sure I click few images from different angle and different time.

Here are few of the images my images in DT. One of the other site rejected all these images saying poor cropping, I'm just wondering the ability of that editor who rejected it. Anyways no blame game. Lets see the images.

This image I just clicked to test my camera settings, I wanted to see how an image looks during dark with out flash, just used the preset mode of no flash in my D90, and this is the result. After that I clicked few more didn't upload yet.

This image was shot from a moving car, i asked my friend to slow down a bit, I took multiple shots, may be in few seconds I had around 25 images. Then rest is courtesy photoshop.

Vertical panorama, this is my new found love, panorama, while I was designing magazines, we always wanted Travel Images in horizontal panorama and sometimes there was demand for vertical panorama for roll up stands. So I started clicking a lot of them. If you see in my portfolio, I have a golf course image is three parts, and the image dimension is 27688 pixel by 3757 pixel.


These image was taken at around 8 pm.

So here is the example of one subject in million moods. I have still many more images, but submitting in long intervals.

Below I have provided few links to see the beauty of this mosque from different photographers.

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Photo credits: Creativei.

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February 06, 2010


yeah,you're right and you don't even need to make long trip to find out something to shoot,there are lots of worth things all around and close to where you live
all great pictures!

February 05, 2010


Good work, Altaf! Great use of light! What you talked about million moods is so right. Especially when we talk about nature or architectural forms. Good article!

February 04, 2010


Great advice. Thanks !

February 03, 2010


All of them are beautiful but I love the blue one! It feels spiritual.

February 03, 2010


Thank you alll for such a wonderful comments.

February 02, 2010


Beautiful images!

February 02, 2010


They are all beautiful shots, but I especially love the blue one (my favourite colour) and the vertical panorama. I want to try one of them, I just need the right subject. Great subject and so many more ways of taking it. Cheers Carol :)

February 02, 2010


Great images, Altaf! Keep going!

February 02, 2010


Very beautiful images!You got a great portfolio:)

February 02, 2010


great images as usual - love your work :) good luck

February 02, 2010


Hi Altaf, not sure why the other agency refused these images they are all really good and unique, so as you say there can be many images of the same thing that are special in their own way, congrats.

February 02, 2010


Oh I cannot believe this, With this blog, two of my images were sold, and what more I know the buyer as well, Thanks Tan, this two downloads are really special for me.

February 02, 2010


You are absolutely right! There is always an angle to shoot different ;)
They are great, specially the bluish one! Wish you good luck & it seems that it's starting with Mat :))
Salam :)

February 02, 2010


those are beautiful images my friend. i have 2 credits in my pocket, ha!ha!.. so today i will use them to give you 2 downloads on 2 of these incredible shots.
it is a difficult choice because they are all so good.

btw, i think it's a good idea, panorama. sometimes we leave so much space on either side to make the usual format , when it makes more sense to crop and make it a parnoramic frame format.
good idea. i will think of it in my future work to submit to Dreamstime for sure.

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