One topic or variety?

Recently I have read some material about stock photography. Some photographers and stock-photography experts say that it is neccessary if a photographer is specilized in one topic. On the contrary, there is a group of photographers who considers a specific style and a high quality the most important and not specialization in a topic.

Before making goals for 2010, I thought a lot about this subject. I love to create images with mystical topics. I have got even a lot of beautiful comments about my mystical images. So in one moment I thought to focuse just on mystical topic. But then I felt a certain sorrow to think not to make photos of nature, food, people in nature etc. So I have decided to continue to upload various topics. Although if I hope and I wish that I am especially known as the photographer of mystical and esoteric subjects.

What would be "your topic" that you would like to be known for?

Well, we start the year of 2010. I wish you everything the best - health, peace, love, ideas for splendid images! Have a wonderful 2010!

Photo credits: , Starblue.

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January 22, 2010


Why not do both?
Jitka, You obviously have a unique style and an excellent niche.
But it doesn't mean that you cannot "let your hair down" and try something for a change.
Outside of stock work, I do thrive to a certain niche , even pushing a certain style that is recognizably mine. You have that too in your works here. It's something not just every one can proudly say they have.
That takes years of hard work or lots of time "seeing with your mind's eye".
That feeling of sorrow to not do nature, food, people,etc.. is just that. Your soul want to be free . Photography is putting your soul into 2 dimensional image, with or without the help of a model.
I say "Do it, BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO". And forget about finding someone else to qualify your awesome work.


January 08, 2010


Hi Jitka!
I agree with others, you have your unique style, and your works are recognizable. Apart from mystical topics, you have great photos of nature and still-life. So I don't think you have to specialize in one field, since you've managed to create unique photos on different topics.
Happy New Year! And wish you a lot of inspiration!

January 07, 2010


I think you definitely have your own style even in your non mystical images. So I think your images will be great no matter what the subject. Hope you have a great year! Cheers Carol :)

January 07, 2010


Hi Jitka.
You have a great portfolio,a very creative portfolio! I like your mystical topics.

January 07, 2010


I have heard this very thing in other places. Find your niche and exploit it to the best of your ability. I am still looking for mine, though. I just don't feel like I know what I want to specialize in. I enjoy taking pictures of just about everything. Nice write up.

January 07, 2010


you've got a great port and a very unique style - i think you've already got your speciality as when i see you pics i can almost always identify they are yours - on the other hand it would be a challenge to branch off and capture other stuff/things/people too :) good luck

January 07, 2010


Hi Jitka, you are amazingly talented and I am sure whatever you decide to take photo's of they will be unique and special as with all your images.

January 06, 2010


Hello Jitka, great images as usual :)
I think variety makes portfolios better to show up more, but naturally we get specialized in some subjects that we do better & those that we get more accepted by reviewers :))
If you want to start a subject, the challenge is to cover that subject on your own style! If the reviewers allow of course ;)
Have a great year ;)

January 06, 2010


I guess that if you specialize in one topic, some buyers might become attached to your work and go to your portfolio directly rather than searching through thousands of pictures of various quality - that would definitely boost one's sales. This might be especially true of DT where each photographer can really promote his / her portfolio. Your portfolio front page tells a story so by the same token someone might just have a quick look at it and not be interested in what they see.
At the same time, many buyers might just look for subjects and not really care who's behind the scene as long as they like the photo. I tend to think that many designers work on a wide range of projects.
So in the end, I think it's best to focus on what you love shooting, mystical, nature, people. Ultimately when you develop your own style (which I think you have already) and it should probably show through the various topics as different as they may be.
Happy new year!

January 06, 2010


I recognize your work immediately, so I guess you have indeed found your niche and your style is unique and beautiful. Keep up the great work! Happy New Year and may inspiration never fail you.

January 06, 2010


I like your images very much and it is true every of us are different :)You do a great work so be just you:)Wish you also a happy new year!

January 06, 2010


I think every person is different so buyers and customers are also different. There are a lot of many top sellers who specialize in determinated subjects, other people try to shoot as many subjects as possible. I just love your portfolio how is now, but I'0m sure if you begin to shoot nature or foot your shoots will be also wonderful.... and I won't have any opportunity to sell mines hahahaha just kidding ;)

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