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So for the past however long I've been monitoring the nest of a robin which contained first, 3 eggs.

The next day there were 4 and on Mother's Day I got to watch the first one hatch. The other 3 were still pecking away inside their shells and ended up hatching over night.

They aren't anything spectacular or rare or endangered, but it was neat, it was witnessing a small miracle and seeing the beauty of raw nature. What's more, is that my children have become so interested in it and it's been a great learning experience for them. They're now 3 weeks old and almost ready to take their first flight. This has been a wonderful month long journey that I will have with me for a long time, as I took the advice of a fellow DT-er and captured it all in still photographs and made a sort of timeline out of it all. (Thank you, JoeZachs) I took a lot away from the experience. Great photos, time with my kids teaching them things about nature and witnessing God's creation. I encourage all of you, if you haven't already, to take the time while you're out and about looking for that million-dollar shot, to take it all in. Big and small. It's worth it, I guarantee it. :)

Photo credits: Bri Rodgers.

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May 20, 2011


Nice photos, great moments!

May 19, 2011


Thank you!

May 19, 2011


nice pics

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