One year ago...

Today I felt as if my life had come full circle and it was time to start a new beginning. This morning I checked to see what photos I sold, and saw that one was of Chicago's O'Hare Airport. It was exactly one year ago when I took that shot. I was tired and jet legged from my flight from Istanbul. Not only that but it was cold and coming back to North America always is a slight culture shock. My flight back to Calgary (and then my city) had been delayed, at first by one hour, then two and three and four.

I'm aways grateful that I don't have anyone waiting for me at the airport because I have had so many delayed flights and I would hate to make anyone sit around. I wandered from terminal to terminal, stopping to check out every store along the way. I walked and walked, even though fatigue was hitting me greatly I watched the busy passengers whose flights were leaving on time and wondered what their stories were. Where were they going on their journey in life, and why?. Myself I was scared to head back home. I had an uncertain future and had no real guidance on what I should do. Most of my friends, although young had already settled and were happily reproducing. I wasn't ready for that yet though.

I headed back to my flight gate and talked with an elderly nun who had made a pilgrimage to Italy. Everybody has a story.... I closed my eyes for a few minutes, curling up into a ball to keep warm and when I woke the Nun had covered me with her jacket. It's always the small random acts of kindness that make traveling worthwhile.

This year has gone by so fast. I still can't believe it, I blinked and it was gone. I definitely think I'm ready to move on though because it was far from the happiest and I made some choices that I quickly came to regret. But tomorrow is another day, and today is the start of a new year for me. I feel that this point in my life, every door is open. All I have to do is pick one and pass through.

I look forward to seeing what life brings me, hopefully a few more airport stories, random acts of kindness and a million memories turned into pictures.

1 year from now...let's see.

Photo credits: Angela Ostafichuk.

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October 23, 2010


Good luck with your work!

October 22, 2010


Time goes by so fast.... Great images

October 22, 2010


Fantastic images.

I hope that things work out well for you in the future.

Best wishes

October 22, 2010


one year....

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