One year at Dreamstime

I reached two new milestones this week! On April 23rd I've been at Dreamstime for one year and on day later on April 24th I had my 100th sale :) It happened to be an image of garlic and basil.

When I started uploading one year ago I was new to microstock. I'm an artist who paints images in Photoshop and from time to time I used textures of photos I took. I liked photography quite a lot but never had an idea what do to with it! When I found out about microstock I uploaded images that I had and I liked. Those where not really stock orientated images and of course some did not get approved ;) Moreover my camera was not very good and I had not many options in what to shot. Many shots I could through away because of quality and therefor the fun was limited!

Since I purchased my dslr this fun grows dramatically! I never have to through away anything because of artifacts or jpg compression or what ever. Well, perhaps at least not images shot with iso 100. But I also have at least one iso 1600 shot approved. With this camera the possibilities are not unlimited but they feel unlimited, compared to a compact camera.

One year has passed now and I think it was quite successful. Due to the camera problems I began uploading seriously in September 2008 and I had my first payout in February 2009.

Now I have 216 images on-line and I have only just begun ;)

Let's see what the next year comes up with and if I manage to get 1000 images on-line till April 2010 ;)

Have a nice day, Dreamstime!

Photo credits: Inga Nielsen.

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Well done Inga, I too am am feeling restricted with my point and shoot. It was encouraging to read that upgrading has really helped. Im now saving for a DSLR. Watch this space.


Congratulations! The next month I will also celebrate the first year at DT.


Congratulations, and good luck with DT!


Congrats to your achievement my friend!
Cheers to your another 784 images and bunch of sales!!!


Wishes for the future.


Congratulations! I wish you to manage to get 1000 splendid images on-line and to get a lot of payout! :-) A lot of nice ideas and nice day!


thanks to all of you!!! :)


well done and best wishes!


Hi Inga, congratulations! Your garlic and basil image is very nice.


Congratulations & keep forward :)


Happy DTian day and congrats on your 100th sale.


Hi Inga, Congratulations on all your achievements! Your food shots are great, love the lighting in the Italian food ingredients! Wishing you every success in years to come!


Hi Inga! Happy DT day! Mine is on 28th :) I think you were doing much better that year! Your portfolio is brilliant and you have 1 well deserved Editor's choice photo! Good luck ahead!


Congrats! April 23rd is my one year anniversary as well!

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