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Today i celebrate one year here on Dreamstime.I learned a lot of things in this year from Dreamstime,from you,my friend , from all what i did read,from refused files and from tutorials.I didnt think one year ago i will earn money from photos,i didnt think my photos will be downloaded from someone .My advice for the new contributors it is to not give up never!

So after one year i have 1072 photos online and 649 dsl.This is my first photo accepted(apple)

and this is my last photos accepted .(Woman in dress)

I will show you also my first downloaded photo

(Bible) and my last downloaded photo(piggyback)

At first celebration here on Dreamstime i wish all to have success and luck.Hope to celebrate many years together and all wishes to become true for all,Gabriel Blaj

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj, Paul George Bodea.

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Happy anniversary! Congratulations to your achievements!


thank you very much


congrats! great portfolio.


Congratulations!!! Great portfolio.


Yes i will celebrate...i will go in a vacation for a week at beach ,tomorrow night i will go:)


Congratulations on such a great 1st year on DT. I hope you do twice as well for your second year. Go out and celebrate you deserve it :0)


Thank you a lot for all wishes and congratulations and i aslo wish you all the same,gabriel


Congratulations! Nice balance of a year.
Cheers ;)


Congratulations on your achievements, wishing you many future successes!


what a good year it's been for you!! welldone!! best of luck for the next !


Happy DT day! You're doing fine here! Good luck!


Happy DT Day, hope you will find more success in coming years.


Happy anniversary!


Happy DT anniversary day. I wish you continued success in the next year.


Congratulation for your achievements ! and Happy Birthday! ;)

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