One year with Dreamstime, Thank you DT & Thank you Buyers

One year in DT as contributor

I have been here for almost a year now, with my first image uploaded on 27th Dec 07, and my first image was accepted on 8th Jan 08. Which began as a fun two years ago on a different web site where I had more than 200 images but I was giving out images for free, I was like who wants to sell these images. But I read somewhere why do we need to give away when we are spending time and effort, and that article said every little thing comes with a price, then I knocked on the DT doors, also few other sites, but I had to fortify those sites for DT as I wanted to concentrate on one site. So DT was an obvious choice.

Well after being here for one year I have just managed over a 100 images, well this really below the par considering many contributors. But I was really choosy after 81 images were rejected in the first month. Wow that’s a great number, I feel I have that record of 81 rejections in one month, my acceptance ration was a mere 19.8 percent. At the same time 20 images got approved and opened my account of sales, 16 images was sold in the first month. It was very happy first month.

After that it was really a learning curve and in the subsequent month I had 37 approvals, and I was slow due to other commitments. So today I have 100 images online, (bit confused when I count the images I see only 98, in the top right corner I see 99 but in management section there are 100)

The sales also started picking up August being good 75.76 USD, and highest downloaded month being September with 47.

My three images were selected in the assignment, and also opened new door with editorial submission and got three images approved there as well,

These are my editorial images:

Other stats of my profile

My first ever downloaded image,

and this is the same image which was approved first on DT.

During the past one year in DT I have also got 18 free credits, for my blogs.

These are the three images which was approved for assignments hence an chance to earn more money as that’s in level 5, few images are in level 2 and many in level 3.

I have also contributed 1 image for free section and I would like to contribute more as I'm waiting for one year mark on some images.

My most popular image is

, in terms of downloads.

And this another popular images in terms of earning


Well first year at DT was really fruitful, with more than 359 downloads, (again slight confusion in profile section it says 329 and in stats it says 359) and download per image at 3.32, one of the DT user Saniphoto commented on my download per image only then I realized where I stood.

But my acceptance ration is just under 46, which is a real concern. The first month really ruined my acceptance ratio. All in all great year but not satisfied. Kinda GREEDY

I have set these goals for next year

Around 1000 images online.

Around 100 Free credits by contributing in blogs.

At least to get one approval in every assignment.

Increase acceptance ratio to over 70 percent

Finally thanks for all my DT well wishers who taught me lots, and above all the buyers, Thank you buyers for choosing my images.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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December 22, 2008


Thanks Maigi & Irisangel, and yeah Happy new year to you as well.

December 22, 2008


Good luck on acheiving the goals you have set. I really like your illustrations. Happy New Year!

December 21, 2008


Great achievements, great goals. Good luck! :)

December 21, 2008


Thanks Rob & Lingong for reading my blog

December 21, 2008


You have a great plan,I believe you are sure to succeed!
Best wishes


December 21, 2008


Congratulations Altaf! Keep on the good work!

December 21, 2008


Thanks Marilyn Gould

December 21, 2008


You have some amazing photos and illustrations, congratulations on your assignment acceptances. Looks like you are well on your way to will achieving your goals. Best wishes!

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