One year in DT, some considerations

A year ago I bought my first reflex. I had everything to learn. I joined just to have some free advises about my pictures from professionals. After some rejections due to all kinds of technical problems I understood how to improve the quality of my pictures. My files were accepted and after a while they started to sell.

After DT I joined other major microstock agencies, but none of them is comparable to DT when it comes to detailing explain the reasons for the rejections, which is very important to improve as a photographer.

I am happy to notice that all my last rejections, here and elsewhere, were not because of technical problems, and this is a great achievement for me, because it means that I've learned something. So thank you DT staff!!

© Fra73

Some statistics. I have 50 images online, downloads per image almost 0.5 and acceptance ratio almost 46%.

I still have to understand what sells in microstock. Salt mine, my best seller here and elsewhere, is a picture that I didn't think could even be accepted. Here it was downloaded 4 times with only 19 views, and many more times sold elsewhere.

On the contrary this pictures of some boats, that I personally love and believed would sell a lot, didn't sell here or elsewhere.

© Fra73

Something that I don't understand are the views. This beautiful beach had only 10 views, but sold 3 times. In other agencies my pictures have more views than here, but sell less in percentage views/downloads. I guess I have to improve the visibility of my portfolio here

© Fra73

I still consider myself a beginner, so I would appreciate a lot any kind of comments, critics and suggestions.


Photo credits: Francesco Marasciulo.

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Omine77, I really like your pictures. We both have a small portfolio, as Thanatonautii pointed out we should upload more. Bigger portfolio brings bigger visibility, or at least this is what I think.
On the other hand , with these kinds of pictures we have, we can't expect to sell as much as those photographer who concentrate their efforts in more popular kinds of images (people smiling in an office etc.).
So don't give up and keep uploading :)


I also have a diverse portfolio, but sales did not take off.


Thank you all :)


VERY nice portfolio, I like your photos much. The best of luck!


nice share and good luck to you


Glad to have inspired you! I do love your travel photos tho' - they're beautiful and all of very high quality.


Thank you guys.


Well done nice photos


Beautiful portfolio! Congrats!


Great portfolio! Compliments!


Helenlbuxton, I took inspiration from you. I uploaded a picture of Thai food and it has been accepted :) I was a semi professional musician. I could have been a professional one if I played music I hate. I kept playing grunge music, which I love, and I don't regret it now that I can't play anymore (read my profile).
Matthew I love your avatar. Anyway I am not worried, just wondering :)
Physi28 I wonder if somebody knows the answers to these secrets...


Most of my sold Nightingale pictures which were sold several times had very little views, some others with many views are sold after a long time, secrets, secrets..


I remember reading somewhere, "stop thinking. stop analysing. because for sure , your mind will screw you up".
Work at creating your images and submit to the agency. Don't waste your time coming back to see what is happening. The energy you waste on worrying, you could produce more work for Dreamstime, or whatever you can earn outside of microstock.
If you must be busy, be busy making what you love doing.
Worrying is not what I consider something I love doing , lol..
... as you can see in my avatar, this is what happens when you worry while doing something else more important to the success of the task..


I totally agree with your comments, Fra73! I don't really want to take pictures of people smiling in a suit either (for now, at least). I think it's much better to find a subject area you enjoy and try to take winning shots within that subject area. You have much more chance of building up an original portfolio that way, anyhow.


Thanks guys.
Thanatonautii you are totally right. I submit an average of 2 pictures a week, and only one of them is selected. I should definitely do better.....


Hi Francesco! You have a great portfolio! Keep uploading ... I wish you good luck!


great port.UPLOAD UPLOAD UPLOAD Good luck


Your portfolio looks great! In my humble opinion the only thing you have to change is the number of uploads. It`s a very small portfolio for one year, but every picture is gorgeous in it`s own way!
Good luck!


Thank you all guys for the compliments and the tips.
Infotrontof, I looked at popular , it is useful, but I don't want to take pictures of people dressed in a suit and smiling in a office, or of a sponge in a white background. This is a hobby for me. Anyway you can also find pictures similar to the ones you like and try to improve your work. So I understand what you mean, and thanks for the advise
Fablic, I am trying to create my own style as you suggested. Hopefully I'll improve.


Hi, great images! Good luck for many sales!


Very nice portfolio! Beautiful places, saturated colors, good composition. Good luck in the future mastering photography!


Hello, .. nice portfolio you have!
I very often look at Popular to see what sells and also what I can try myself.


Hello Francis, I think that is unsurpassed as Dreamstime microstock agency. The beauty of this world is that you never stop learning, I also had seen very few pictures and a lot of sales and the exact opposite, with hundreds of photographs and having no sales. My advice is to look critically at many images and then automatically find your style and you will consolidate your personal point of vista.Ho looked at your portfolio and I think you have a good sense of composition and good color vision, keep it up and get much satisfaction, good luck!

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