One year results and how to become better

Let me share with you my first years results and how DT helps to become better.

First months Acceptance ratio of my photos was very low (below 60%) and now I can see why :-). Of course there was luck of quality and stock orientation of refused images.

DT helps me a lot to improve my quality as photographer by explaining refuse reasons. Thanks a lot!

Today I can see how changed my skills in isolation

, and quality of shots with people . And I am happy to get my first 100 sales and the most of them were at last three months. Good dynamics!

How am I going to become better?

- more, more and more photos

- to analise how I can improve my images

- look through the best selling photos and try to find success reason (themes, lighting, write key wording etc).

- use DT blogs and message board to learn techniques, tips and tricks.

Hope it helps me to get more sales. :-)

Photo credits: Iryna Rasko.

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Поздравляю с первой сотней продаж!


Congratulations on your milestone! :)


Congratulations your milestone! Keep up the good work! Cheers :)


Great protfolio, more sales to You :)

P.S. Чудовий початок, успіхів в подальшому ! :)


Congratulations for your first 100 sales, and yes DT helps you improve.


Great portfolio. So many isolated pictures will bring succes to you. Congrats.

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