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Life in today’s world is very risky and unpredictable. We all are covered by life insurance policies as well as medical policies which can cover those risks and other liability factor. Most of them mean business to the insurers but for us as a customer they can be beneficiary if we look beyond our death or accident. Apart from that, we always notice that in every legal financial bonding we get into a bank or an insurance company, we are asked for a person whom we define as nominee for our policy, or the one who will get the benefits of the accounts that we started.

Some days back, I was very ill. So badly ill, that I thought I would die. This is not the first time I had a close brush against death. I was not worried of death at that moment but about what am I leaving behind. There are loans to be repaid for car, house or some other personal expenses. It feels bad to leave your loved ones with the burden of our loans which might snatch away their belongings if unpaid.

In my field of music, just like we earn on royalties here, there is a law which allows the royalties to be passed to the family even after we die. It takes care of the family, and benefits them from our work which still can be in profits after our death. Why don’t we have a nominee system in systems like DT, where we are selling photographs? There can be many more situations like this, but I feel it is extremely essential to allow us to pass on our profits to our near and dear ones if a company e.g. DT is informed about our death. Normally bank accounts cease to exist after death.

If I die, my wife or my mother will be able to access my DT account and get the money to moneybookers and then transferred to their bank even without DT knowing about it. But if there was a way to do this in a systematic and legal way, it would help people in a big deal about problems we might not always foresee. I don’t know what anyone feels about this, but after experiencing near-death situations I feel these things become very important. The person who knows the password of my DT account and moneybookers/paypal, still will be able to take the moolah, but I wish there was a nomination form or something about nomination available on websites where people like earn. For many it might be just one of their income sources, yet for many this might be a serious business. And for families who are dependent on one person as an income source this becomes an important factor.



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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August 24, 2007


heheh.. Tangie thanks for the comment. I was talking about overall online retail you can say. But after reading your comment it really feels strange to be like a ghost reading about its own death. lol :)

August 24, 2007


Well Nikhil, as far as I know, we can pass on the rights to use the account to your wife or very close relatives. You just make sure that we are announced via legal procedures of your death, and we will transfer the right to use you account to your relatives. And I cannot believe we are talking about your death :) ......hope this will not happen anyway, it is terrible.........but hope this clarifies.

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