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I'd love to know if anyone else has tried online photography schools? I have had great experiences and feedback. I'd love to know of recommended schools... I recommend,

Next, I'm signed up for a conceptual photography class with them in the beginning of January, lasting for a month.

They also have a great class on stock photography, but it's in session right now. It's a bit pricey. around $2000, maybe a bit less... it gives students the opportunity to get signed with cobis, ******** and other exclusive stock agencies.

I am looking into taking classes at

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December 28, 2007


Thats very cool, are you planning to do interior design? Or become an architect?
There is another school I want to take classes from, there are more international students attending, it's called
they have tons of digital media classes, they have a lot of business oriented classes in photography and design that I like.

December 27, 2007


I study architecture and interior, but my photos don't have anything in common with my studies. It's an art school I go to, and it also has Photography. But as I go in the hallway and look at those pictures on the wall I have to say you will not learn any good from those classes so I decided not to follow photography.
Getting positive or negative comments on your works is always a good thing, because you can see what is good and what not. It makes you alert the next time you takes photos. I am a very good critique a friend once said because I even say both positive and negative things about my photos. I've helped that friend quite well. But as I'm not one of those people who like to read, I'm not sure weither the online schools would do well for me. I'll read things because I'm curious but I never use it. I've always just tried it out and if it worked it worked, if it didn't I tried again.

December 27, 2007


Hi Bimmergirl.

I think most people would say that we can learn enough online from free tutorials.
but, I like the classes because they're challenging. They have deadlines, creative assignments, brutally honest criticism... but we have that here, and we don't have to pay!
I like the group activity and critiques from the instructors and students.

In my last class, a funny thing happened...

a woman submitted a photo she captured at dog park, of 5 whippet breeds, playing together.
3 were lined up, each dog with it's head to the one in fronts back.
The other 2 were on the opposite side, running toward them.

The only problem was, the dog in the middle of the huddle, had an erection! Which made the scene, look like a menage a trois... And one of the students commented, "now that is quite indicative of dogs, to play like that". And then she apologized for seeming rude or crude. The photographer hated the comment and said wow you are rude, and she refused to believe there was any sexual connotation in her photo.
And another student, happened to be a whippet breeder, and he was offended at the commenter too.
But I saw it the same way as the commenter.
So I stepped in to defend the commenter,
by ever so politely posting a photoshop edit, by healing out the erection, and superimposing a football between the 2 opposite dogs!
The instructors did not disagree with me, and they didn't really encourage the woman or take her side at all.
Case was closed.
but the photographer quit the class after the remarks.
Her photography was outstanding, top notch quality. She had even won awards. but I do believe she missed the point.
To me, the photo felt like it could be mistaken as an exploitation of animals, by some people...
Classes are fun and get me motivated,
but this is real time... and if you're selling your images, you're beyond student level...

but I'm still going to take them... I need the interaction and group vibe.
The best thing I've learned from school, is not to be too opinionated, be neutral, take criticism, learn fresh perspectives, without taking anything to heart.
Instructors are detached, and if a student learns to become detached, they can learn a lot. It's good to learn to detach passion from hyper-sensitivity... But most people in the classes are laid back and cool down easily. I don't get affected by brutal criticism so much anymore, even in everyday life situations.
what are you studying?

December 27, 2007


I'd like to know more about online photography schools and how it works. The website you recommended is quite nice, but the prices are a bit expensive for someone who is a student without work :)

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