Onward to 2nd K!

At exactly a year and 7-months here, today, I am a humbled member of the $1K celebrants here on DT. Do I believe it? Well, those numbers up there on the right hand corner of my screen tell me so! I remember being less than a dollar away from my first hundred and not wanting to even allude to it, to anyone, for fear than I’ll jinx myself and not reach that milestone. I can tell you, I now know waaay lot better than that. And so with much confidence and faith in the DT marketing system, I say to you I look forward to the next thousand! Thanks again and again to all the designers who have downloaded my images, the community here who is a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share those information, the tough reviewers—rejection used to be a negative term to me—you folks have turned it around for me, I now call it challenge (but don’t be encouraged please to give me more challenges just yet;)

Yes, it’s been amazing for ‘utterly’ rookie me here! But this is Dreamstime afterall—and that should say it all. ;-) Below are images that I had second thoughts about submitting but did anyway and to my amazement earned me considerably good money.

>>> $10

>>> $14

>>> $19

>>> $27

Having reported the above, for this milestone I want to leave you with what I learned as someone who started with zero knowledge in stock photography: if in doubt, just try it out. That is, if in doubt about whether or not an image is sellable, submit it anyway--well, okay, there is a caveat—make sure the image checked off the pointers in Nikitu's blog::

And, oh yes, the image that got me to this K is:

Photo credits: Jennifer Pitiquen.

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April 12, 2011


Thank you, all, for your well wishes, comments and kind words. Best wishes and many more sales to all of us!!

@Joe: I never noticed that until you pointed it out, my pal...tells you how observant I am, ;)

April 12, 2011


Congrats! Wishing more sales your way. Good luck!

April 11, 2011



April 11, 2011


Congratulations great job!!!

April 11, 2011


You're doing great... Congratulations.

April 11, 2011



April 11, 2011


Congratulations, I can't wait to join you. You have a great port.

April 10, 2011


Wow a figure of 600/659 is really impressive.
Congrats….keep it up.
The last figure, both the candles are perfectly in a line that it looks like one long candle and I was wondering why are they burning the middle of a candle :-)

April 10, 2011


Well done Juvy, that's a great milestone!

April 10, 2011



April 10, 2011


Congratulations!! ^__^

April 10, 2011


great job! congrats :)

April 10, 2011


Wow! Great! Congratulations!!!!!!!

April 10, 2011



April 10, 2011


Great accomplishment, congratulations!

April 10, 2011



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