Ooo-ee gooey cream filling!

© Icara

The wife has me on this diet, so I figure to cut calories I'd just dig out the cream filling of all my twinkies and throw away the cake...

Maybe it's the end of summer blues, but I haven't felt very inspired the past week or so... Most of my artwork has simply been rehashing old stuff I did or looking through what other people have done to find some kind of path. I have spent dozens of hours looking through popular images and videos on various stock sites looking to reproduce my own version of what is popular and feeling bad because I'm not being particularly creative on my own right now.

But, inspiration comes from very strange places... I started a new day job this week and it's an hour commute from my house. The first few days I've been listening to podcasts during the drive (I play them from my Sandisk music player through the car's stereo). But I was tired when I got home last night and forgot to plug my music player in so that it could receive updates overnight.

So, I only had the radio to listen to on the way to work this morning and I wasn't in the mood to listen to the radio. So for the first time in MANY MANY YEARS I drove my car with no music or audio playing of any kind. I just listened to the sound of my car and the road.

More importantly, after driving the same highway for several years now, I really paid attention to the scenery... And WHAM! Inspiration hit me. Sure, there are photographers that specialize in landscapes, beautiful skies, etc... but I did some quick searches on DT and a few other sites and found very little related to what inspired me.

I'm so excited that today, to celebrate, I'm gonna eat the cake and throw away the filling!!

Today's picture is from page 100 (final page) using the search term "Olympics". I found it kind of tranquil and in keeping with the happy feeling I got driving to work this morning.

Photo credits: Icara.

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July 16, 2009


Dave, I think you're quite cute, even if your head is a bit larger than your body! Are you going to lose weight there, too? I always say I'm the only person in the world without an ipod, but I love to listen to natural sounds and think (or talk) when I'm out on my bicycle. Hey, there's an idea, ride a bike to work...I see a lot of things while I'm riding!!!! PS. Why do wives have to put husbands on diets? I have to do that to mine, too....and send me the cream filling, I'll ride it off!

July 16, 2009


Way to Go! And don't throw away the filling.

August 07, 2008


Look forward to seeing your inspirations work, oh and gosh darn it, you enjoy that cake.

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