Open Golf Championship 2012. Warning !

As I have admitted before I am addicted to photography and will go almost anywhere and pay whatever it takes to get interesting, preferably unique, images.

Living in Inverness there has been publicity for some time about the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open Golf Championship and because today it was not raining I decided to go and get some great pictures of internationally celebrated Golfers. I thought this being Summertime play would go on until late evening. Wrong. Last tee off was said to be 2 30 pm. so the play would be over by 5pm.

I drove the 10 miles to Castle Stuart Golf Course arriving at 3 30pm

I paid a concession rate of

I said to a Marshall I should get some good pictures from here thinking of using my 70 - 300mm Nikor lens.

He astonished me by saying no cameras allowed or mobile phones.

I could understand the need to switch off a phone but to ban taking a picture from 100 yards is unbelievable to me.

The programme is full of pictures taken by someone.

I quickly returned to the ticket office and explained I was here for photography not for any other reason and after discussion my ticket money was returned [ full

Recently the BBC announced that Golf Clubs all over the UK were finding it difficult to recruit new young members and the financial picture is dire.

Not allowing pictures of Golf matches will not be helping that situation. My 20 mile round trip was wasted....... but maybe someone will read this blog and change the rule about cameras to something approaching common sense .

Recently I had better luck at Tain Gala 30 th June 2012 capturing several shots already on Dreamstime.

Then on the 7th July 2012 at Brodie Castle there was an historic and colorful re-enactment by the Highland Battle Group. I attach those images of Medieval times below.

They all appeal to me but that of King Robert the Bruce stands out as almost authentic !

Has anybody else gone to watch golf and been unable to take out a camera for pictures of the play?

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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July 14, 2012


Thank you for those helpful answers suggestions ..................... Pity and I was there when course record at Castle Stuart was made............. a round of 62


July 14, 2012


Here's the link to apply for a pass for next year! Good kuc ;)

July 14, 2012


Hi there I used to work for a photo agency, and we had to apply for press passes to cover golf. The noise of the shutter may be the official reason, but what they are doing are protecting their commercial rights. Its the same with most sporting events. Unless you are accreditaed, then they are likely to stop you. Same with snooker, rugby, tennis etc. Don't even start me of English football - you have to have a licence from the PLFA or Data Co for the lower leagues.

July 13, 2012


Golfers could put in ear plugs. What other sport demands such quiet? Chess matches perhaps? ;-)

July 13, 2012


Karenfoley thankyou for your comment.......... with a long lens and 100 yards away it wouldnt matter since the player would hear nothing. Very disappointing............ horse trials are still popular with photographers and riders. David

July 13, 2012


I am an avid golf fan as well as photographer - so I see both sides of this issue.

Cameras on golf courses is a heated debate - an ill times click of an SLR (or even camera phones) during a back swing or a putt can cause even the best golfers to lose concentration at a critical moment (Phil Mickelson recently took issue with this very issue at a major tournament).

Because fans can't seem to control themselves from trying to get these "action shots", it is ruining it for everyone. A lot of tournaments are now taking the extreme measures you discussed in your blog. It's a real shame!

July 13, 2012


It's a good thing you got you money back, although I can understand your frustrations with the organisers! Great medieval shots, hope that they sell!

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