Opening ANOTHER but friendly blog about similars


I can only reflect on my own confusion, as a creator on concepts and images, at the ambiguity that exists.

To try and illustrate, from my own perspective again, I will offer and example:


This is a series about ten pin bowling. There is an ample community of ten pin bowlers all over the world. They all have the same problems...SPLITS. Researching the subject a bit, I found that they have a very picturesque language describing all of the difficult splits that exist...some of which are very difficult to pick up..splits like Fence Posts, Big Ears, Clothes Line, Grandma's Teeth...the list goes on.

From my perspective, it would be interesting to supply images, variants, expand visually, and illustrate these splits.

But....the dreaded wall of the similars and the downgrading of my upload rating...brakes my creative impulses...

So, ample DT community, lets hear some noise about this, hopefully, from all sides of the DT team, in the best spirit of the community in general, to see if we can get some better guidelines as to:

What constitutes a SIMILAR?

Photo credits: Billdayone.

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I just read a blog about how to insert images so I am trying, since it was my intention, but it didn´t work, to paste an image...
   Collage of four different pills   

I notice that the inclusion text is different, this time...let´s see what happens...


And I will have to point out again that we can not say a number of images from a series is enough because there are subjects and subjects and while a series with a ball should only have two images, one with a person can have a lot more. It is a matter of how you shot the subject, not how many shots you take.


Another designer commented, I'm sorry I can't remember the name, that the making of an illustration often is very time consuming, sometimes many hours.

In the case of 3D, it often means 8 or 10 hours of computer time for rendering, on a quad core type machine.

So to justify images 2 up or 4 up means thinking if it is worth 40 hours of computer rendering against the earning potential of the images.

Some images can be multiplied, by compositing, as inferred by Nikitu, but often it is more complex, questions of shines, shadows and things...

Yes, I am aware that the current thinking on similars is to collage the extra images into one image.

As a result of a shoot, being a photographer, I can understand that it is not so time consuming and gives more earning options out of the initial investment that constitutes the shoot. But that is not the case for individually rendered images.


That said, from my point of view, I would like to see the ceiling raised a bit on how many similar images constitutes an excesssssss of these images. Something sort of a guideline that could read:

After X number of images, if the extra images don't offer significant visual opportunities for sales, this falls within the jurisdiction of similars, and will be judged so by the reviewers.

This way, the contributors could take their calculated risks and live with the resulting downgrading of their acceptance rating.

Just some ideas for I said, it is a friendly discussion on a theme that has some differing opinions within the DT community.


Great pics!


I am assuming the fact that you are reusing the elements in the images to create the splits so I would advise you to create collages (depending on how many splits and the popularity of each of them you can create one or more collages)


Beautiful pics!


nice pics


I could not see how similiarity could come into play in the example you give. In this case using an illustration to depict the various bowling terminology is important.

Does anyone have any idea when the submission restriction is going to be lifted? Will it be lifted? I don't understanding punishing the entire community rather than restricting those who are creating the problem.

Great artwork Billdayone!!


I guess a note in the editors box explaining what it's all about would help. Then there is the collage approach but I guess each picture deserves its own sales, it's not like these are selling for mega $$$ and I'm sure an interested buyer will be happy to buy the series.

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