Opening My Eyes

A few days ago, I was lamenting in this very blog about the mixed blessing of living in Washington, DC: Nearly all the buildings, at least downtown, are extremely photogenic. At the same time, you can't walk down the Mall without seeing at least 1 photographer per square foot.

Since writing that entry, I have spent a lot of time in the city's museums and around the major monuments. Looking at them through a potential designer's eyes, trying to sort out what would and what would not be useful, has been eye-opening. I've tried to focus (literally!) on the universal appeal of what I'm seeing, while at the same time appreciating what's unique about a particular angle, or one afternoon's unique sky, or a detail that might be overlooked without some patience and a long lens.

This has been challenging, but entirely enjoyable. In some ways, the more over-exposed a site is, the more I appreciate the chance to see it differently. Of course, I have a long way to go, but that's part of the fun.

Photo credits: Charles Sichel-outcalt.

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January 30, 2008


Thanks, AmyEmilia. The amount of 'photoshoping' for each shot I posted was radically different. The interior of the Library of Congress had minimal sharpening; the lunar lander had some levels adjustments to whiten the background, and the flag and Archives underwent a big transformation. I isolated then enlarged the building itself, moved the building up and to the left, straightened the flag pole, and removed some nasty dust.

January 29, 2008


I really like the shots you posted. Good stuff!

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