Opening Sweden - Skansen

Hey, guys!

Telling you about Sweden I can't ignore one of the most marvelous places there and it's called Skansen.

Skansen is an ethnographic museum in the open air on the island of Djurgården, beautifully organized wildlife sanctuary where you can walk all day and enjoy everything without exception. There are farms and villages in miniature, luxury living spaces for animals and birds.

Skansen is situated on a hill and offers visitors stunning views over Stockholm. Sweden in miniature and its way of life are represented here. You may enter each single house or workshop, communicate with the "master" and learn a lot about customs and traditions of Scandinavia and northern countries.

The peacocks and other birds walk freely among the visitors and take an active part in their meals in local cafe. We also did not go unnoticed. That day we were deprived of lunch) It went to the sparrows and we were happy!)))

Always with gratitude and love,

VB ❤

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February 12, 2016


Sounds like an unique and amazing place!
Indeed! It's really amazing place! Thank you Joan!

February 12, 2016


Sounds like an unique and amazing place!

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