Opposites: life and death

This photo is really something amazing. I find it buy searching ‘opposition’ keyword, and at first was not sure is it correct to my search but then I look close to it and it was something that really have the sprit, matching my primary idea.

I was searching of images that are showing opposite between life and death. First found some shots with yin-yang sign that it absolutely obvious of everything that means opposite and complete same sense like life and death, good and bad.

Then I look at those not so obvious ones, like this giant tree at the river with future reflection in water, young beautiful healthy tree in opposite to old, dry-rot bark reflection. Expressive, beautiful, good, surprising idea, have everything that I love in photography.

Live and death showed as two candles one is shorte but stiil shining, the other one have just darkened, simple and right to the point.

Of course have no idea if their creators have this expression on their minds, but even if not it is matching such feelings in my opinion.

Photo credits: Anton Medvedkov, Paul Cowan, Teamarbeit.

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March 26, 2008


Very creative idea and photos!

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