Orava Castle

Orava Castle, in the Orava region in northern Slovakia.

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© Jareso

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© Jareso

History & Facts

Orava castle is considered to be one of the most interesting and famous castles in Slovakia. It is situated on the high rock above the river Orava, in the village Oravsky Podzamok, in northern Slovakia.

The castle is divided into three parts Higher, Middle and Lower Castle. These parts were gradually built during centuries. Oldest part of the castle is the Romanesque citadel. It was built in 13th century as guardian fortification of the road to Poland. As the time passed by the castle was owed and protected by various placeholders. They changed the shape of the castle by adding new constructions and fortifications to what we know today.

Catastrophe & Reconstruction

At the beginning of the 19th century the whole castle was almost destroyed by a huge fire. Some parts of the castle were reconstructed at that time but massive reconstruction happened mostly in the 20th century. Now the whole castle is declared as a national cultural monument.


There is Orava Museum based in the castle with various archaeological, natural science and ethnography expositions. Along with museum many other attractions can be seen there including Night Tours, Weddings, various Festivals and much more. This castle is also a popular location for filming fairy tale, or horror movies. Many scenes of the world famous Nosferatu film from the year 1922 were filmed there.

If you happen to be in Slovakia don’t forget to visit it. It is definitely worth a visit.

Want to know more?

Wikipedia article about the Orava Castle.

Photo credits: Jareso.

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