Oriental sculpture (1)

Oriental character sculpture is different regions, different time record different characters or spiritual symbol of sculptures, they are both part of the world sculpture, bring Oriental unique character and style, and to understand Oriental, it has played a positive role.

Taishigong, sima qian sculpture

Sima qian (145-year - untested), the han city of shaanxi, the western han historian, Taishigong. He was ordered by the imperial court to be sentenced to castration, due to li ling events .Strenuously to finish by jiangyuan shiji (primitive name < Taishigong book>), widely recognised as a model of Chinese history, The book recorded in the legendary yellow emperor period to the first year of Emperor Wu yuan inaugural,3000 years history, the first of "twenty-five histories", the Chinese modern literary giants lu xun " historian of the peak of poetic perfection, non-rhyme of the Li Sao". He is regarded as the father of history, taishigong

Oriental sculpture , Chines sculpture , Figure sculpture ,Taishigong ,sima qian sculpture

The elder is the elder

The sculptures are the embodiment of China's qiangzhai culture, the other style, give a different kind of wind emotion.

Oriental sculpture , Chines sculpture , qiangzhai culture , Figure sculpture- Long beard Fish clothes old man

Oriental sculpture , Chines sculpture , qiangzhai culture,Figure sculpture Fish clothes old man

Oriental sculpture , Chines sculpture , qiangzhai culture , Figure sculpture Long beard Confucian scholars

Couple Dance Opera

Couple Dance Opera, another name: small yangko, double folk art,, leap, again say the mouth, double side folk art, wind willow, spring song, half a class folk art,, northeast local folk art, and so on. It is rooted in the northeast of China folk culture, belongs to Chinese go-song folk art sort of quyi. popular in eastern liaoning, jilin, heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia three cities a au and northeastern hebei province.

And the representative people who promoted it were zhao benshan, zhao xiaobo, han ziping and wang zhongtang.

In 2006, the two people in northeast China were listed as the first national intangible cultural heritage list by the state council.

The bronze tripod for the men,its will be northeast errenzhuan shape lifelike sculpture, and with two old people, more reflects the Chinese elderly better in later life, and Inheriting and carrying forward the Chinese traditional art

Oriental sculpture , Chines sculpture , Figure sculpture , Personage sculpture , Song and dance duet , Couple Dance Opera

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Photo credits: Xin He.

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