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I have decided to upgrade my basic equipment by Christmas, but don't know exactly what to do. I currently use an Olympus E-510 DSLR and I love the kinds of pictures it takes. However, the resolution of a lot of the pictures is not up to snuff when compared to some of the other photos I have seen on this and other websites.

I am thinking of purchasing a high grade camera lens in the $800 range and keeping the camera. I'm still using two of the lenses the camera came with when I purchased it. They are good lenses, but are not professional grade. I'm considering the Zuiko Digital ED 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 lens which might be a good purchase because I think the camera is still a good one, even though it went out of production several years ago.

On the other hand, I have considered purchasing a new Olympus DSLR professional grade camera: The E-3 which seems to be the workhorse of many professional photographers who also use Olympus cameras, is the one that makes the most sense at this point. The only problem I see is that the E-3's resolution is only 10.1mp which is the same as I get with the E-510. A newer model is coming out, but it may take another 2 years before it hits the market.

A third option I'm considering is ditching the Olympus brand altogether and going with the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. The resolution seems to be a lot better than the Olympus brands (18mp), and a lot of professionals seem to like using this camera.

What would be the best and most economical way to upgrade? I'm unfamiliar with Canon cameras and don't know any of the pitfalls of that brand. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

Photo credits: William Ardrey.

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Thanks Pati. Your information has been very helpful. I will probably take your advice and get the 12-60 SWD lens and keep using the E=510 for a while. Then I will upgrade to the new E5 when I feel the time is right. Again, thanks.


I upgraded fro the E-510 to the E-3 about three years ago. The E-3 is far superior, but the most important things when it comes to good photos are the lenses. I have upgrades from the kit lenses that came with the E-510 to the 50-200 SWD and the 12-60 SWD lenes. They are both great, fast lenses and provide great resolution. The E-5 that is comming out late this month, is the same camera with somm needed updates. It is 12.3 MP instead of (keep in mind that even though it has about 20% more megapixels, the surface area of the image sensore is only about 10% larger. This is true in any camera.), The E-5 has movie capability that the E3 does not, and the view screen is slightly large. Both camera weight about the same 28 oz or so. That's much heavier than your E-510. I I were you, I would start by gettint the 12-60 SWD lens (About $870.00) and if you like it, lokkk intop the E-3 of the E-5. Lastly buy the 50-200 SWD lens. I use the 12-60SWD about 95% of the time. I hope this info is helpful


If color and landscapes are your favorites subjects, you'll be well served by Olympus from what I hear :)


Thanks Bradcalkins. I really do like the Olympus makes a lot of sense and I don't want to learn another system at this point in my photographical career. I'm excited about the new E-5. It might be an investment worth making.


Your wait is over - the 12MP E-5 replaces the E-3 and is slated for October 2010. If you are going to replace both the camera and lens, though, you really don't have much stake in the Olympus system.

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