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We are the agency where you come, upload your images, wait for approval (or rejection, by case), start selling, learn from other portfolios, withdraw your earned cash.

But we are also an internet community with a well developed forum, comments area and blog capability, we are also taking care of you through customer support.

We, as editors and admins are, in a way, the face and character you put on Dreamstime. The way we speak to you influences your opinion on the agency itself.

Each of us reads the forum, reads comments, blogs and emails trying to help each of you.

Even if there are only that many of us and so so many of you we still remember many by name or by images, sometimes by the issues you presented in the past or the help you provided with certain problems.

You also communicate with each other through comments, forums and blogs and sometimes spirits can be heated and words that should never be spoken in a public conversation arise.

This blog is about understanding each other, understanding how things work and about communication.

The way you speak to us, as well as to each other will always label you as a type of person or another.

In my experience I have received both kind emails and comments as well as not so nice words which make me see that person as disrespectful of my work and good intentions. I have always answered respectfully to everyone and sometimes people reply back and apologize for bad words realizing that mistakes can be made but they can also be fixed.

When you are writing to a fellow Dreamstimer (and not only), even if you are upset about something, be respectful, you are addressing a real person who has real feelings that you might hurt. You don't know who that person is, but if you have a message to convey do it in a civilized manner, explain clearly your points and I am sure you will receive an answer that will be addressed in the same way.

So bottom blog is this, be nice and the others will be nice to you.

Respect the community your are in and the community will respect and help you.

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November 27, 2011


Congratulations,Ioana!!!Nice words!I think that the Dreamstime community is a wonderful place to learn and grow !!

June 14, 2010


Huh! It simply amaze me that anyone could be rude or disrespectful to an admin or editor!! Not that brilliant isn't it?! Knowing full well who is in control! :)

May 19, 2010


Like sone one said never be haughty to the humble and never be humble to the haughty

March 27, 2010


Nice article!! I disagree with flaming. We learned in my interpersonal communication class in college that people are more likely to "flame" or say inflamatory things online than in face-to-face settings.

Sometimes, a good tip is to try to step back from the computer for a while and not reply to a message right away if you think you may respond angrily. Hope no flaming occurs around here for a very, very long time - hopefully never - because it is usually so warm and friendly around here!

March 25, 2010


I have to agree with Picstudio. Well written blog.

March 24, 2010


great blog We love your work.
Hugs Debbie

March 22, 2010


Its a great blog. Nicely written.

March 19, 2010


I can't but agree with most of what you say. It's not the only one, but DT has indeed a great community.
I'm sure you already thought of that, but there's one little thing that would keep my communication more "inside the house". That would be a "site mail". I've discovered that the mechanism already exists and can be used for instance when reporting bad keywords! But not for regular photo related but personal communication.

March 15, 2010


Nicely written,after all what goes around comes around so good Karma to everyone.

March 14, 2010


Thank you for your blog. that right; Respect the community and the community will respect you.

March 10, 2010


another thing we have to remind ourselves in participating in blogs and forums. we are a global community. each culture has a different idea of what is acceptable public communication.
from my upbringing which is very british, we are "supposed to be" diplomatic in how we answer questions. even if we do not agreed with you. many times we can also be skeptical, or cynical, but in a comical way. we like to be indirectly "insulting", if you prefer.

then ,other culturals are not so "diplomatic". even amongst my own friends, i have discussions where my best friend would say things that i would find "rough" or "rude" or too "direct". yet, as she is my best friend, i know she is not "hateful" or "rude" to anyone.
that's just the way she is brought up. she comes from a society who prefer straight forwardness, and consider that as honesty.
and i admire that kind of talk too, for i think many times we are too afraid to be too direct.
so , as a global community, we have to understand that a forum is just that. open communication, and that each culture has a different way of communication.
or as another friend puts it, "do you want my opinion, or do you come to the forum simply to ask me to agree with you?".
we are all different, we speak differently. we have to accept that.
or else, it's best we don't take part in any forum.

March 10, 2010


I agree with your words. I myself always try to act and speak to others respectfully and keep the good manners, but internet is unfortunately, a so easy tool to insult other people behind a computer screen.
I like this community because of the good manners of their moderators and users in general :)

March 10, 2010


thanks for these clear words. because you care i fell at home with dreamstime. this is only one reason to be an exclusive photographer others not mentioned now. ;-)

March 08, 2010


Agreed. This is a very good idea.

March 07, 2010


ok, so what is the point of all this? Beside telling us all that is nice to be polite? Sorry, was that rude?

March 07, 2010


Well said Ioana ! This should apply to all communities.... cyber and non-cyber.


March 07, 2010


Nicely put Ioana! It's good to remember as well that Admin are the ones with the experience to know what sells and what doesn't. I'm always disappointed when an image I like is rejected but there is no point in getting annoyed about it. I love being a part of DT (a very lesser part) and I've learned so much from the community. Be nice and be happy!

March 06, 2010


Just joined DT on Feb 2010. At this time 19 online images & 18 rejected. 50/50. Wow! I must say, thanks DT for the rejections. The comments & critics to my rejected images gives me more courage to go on with my photography. "Thank You DT Team! Agree!

March 06, 2010


Nice blog to say 'Thank you!" once again to DT team and to the contributors for your help and support!)

March 06, 2010


I've said it before and I'll no doubt I'll say it again; I'm always impressed with the clear and speedy responses the admin give to queries on the boards so thanks Nikitu and all the other admins for these things.

I agree with the importance of "stepping back" before posting any kind of response when you are feeling angry about something. I know how easy it is to get incredibly frustrated with this photography malarky and this can result in phrasing things badly; all it takes is one other person having a bad day and we have a flame war on our hands.

We should all take the time to step back and, if we've read something that makes us cross and instead of retorting, try and find something to complement that person on.
It's easy to missunderstand people on the interwebs and we should also take the time to remember that not everybody is a native english speaker; they may seem brusk and inflamatory but it can sometimes simply be a matter of the way they are translating their thoughts.

March 05, 2010


I have to say that the quality and tone of the communications on Dreamstime keeps it one of the best agencies to deal with.

March 05, 2010


So write me nice messages, I love 'em.

Ok, your portfolio is amazing, Ioana!

March 05, 2010


Ioana what made you write this blog???? I guess you guys might be getting lots of emails for rejections these days?

Well, not really, it's just that we've noticed users who flame other users, and while we are accustomed to it we don't tolerate this between people in this community.
It is not nice, it is rude, actually, and people must think twice before they write a reply to any type of message.

I can see, though, a touch of sensitivity in your blog, I think someone has hurt you your feelings in some way, dont get upset if this happened, the community likes your work and will support you.

I am way passed that phase :) Well, it's been a long time since I felt bad about a rude message, but I do feel good about the nice ones.

So write me nice messages, I love 'em.

March 05, 2010


yea!keep communication.
this is one reason why I like dt rather than other angence.

March 04, 2010


Well said, I totally agree to those wise words :)

March 04, 2010


Dreamstime has an amazing community and that's what makes it so special . No doubt this comes from the way the website is administered, the openness of it all. Things are explained, editors and admins are real. That definitely helps getting over the disappointments that contributors will inevitably experience. People should not be rude, but if they are, it only reflects badly on themselves.
Cheer up, you've got a lot of supporters out there!
 Smiling balls  (image by Dejanj01)

March 04, 2010


Hi Ioana,

Definitely wise words you say, I could never understand why people get sometimes so agressive, specially when admin's here have been allways so polite, but, who knows.

If somebody is agressive, I think one should reflecet about it before answering, possibly somethings we dont know has happened, the person might have had some terrible problems going on with them (sickness in the family, lost a child, job, his camera was stolen,...) , we simply dont know.

The best thing to do, in my opinion, is try to cool down the nerves, show things in a different perspective, so that we can get to a better understanding.

But you, as admins, sometimes have to be hard with some members, I understand that, and you have been doing a great job keeping the community peaceful and satisfied.

I can see, though, a touch of sensitivity in your blog, I think someone has hurt you your feelings in some way, dont get upset if this happened, the community likes your work and will support you.

March 04, 2010


Well said Ioana! People sometimes need to be reminded that they should not write or comment anything that they would not be willing or comfortable saying face to face! I think that the Dreamstime community is a wonderful place to learn and grow and I hope that it continues to do that.

March 04, 2010


good point Ioana.
we have to remember that even reviewers are human beings. lol.. really?
i remember at another site where a rejection reads something like, .."something we make mistakes, we are humans after all".
i really don't have the time to followup on rejections. i am too busy creating new images, and /or having to shoot for my clients outside of stock. but also fortunately, many times, i see rejected images of one site turning out to be sellers with another site. why fortunately? lol,..
well, it's really a big world out here on the www. what one site or one reviewer calls no good, may be a winner with another site, or even another reviewer. as the saying goes, "you cannot please everyone all the time".
and as Albert Einstein was once quoted to say, "i don't take myself or the next person seriously".
so true. i stopped taking the next person seriously, the day another photographer told me my admiration for Ansel Adams was silly, as he told me Ansel Adams was "too perfect".

there you have it, never take anyone's judgement as God's. roflmao... as God does not buy microstock photos nor is he/she a reviewer.. lol.
seriously, whenever i get a rejection, i always say to myself, "that's no problem, i 'll give it to another site who thinks it sells".

finally, as for being rude. i don't think being rude for anything solves anything.
i believe that those who are rude to us, are rude to everyone, even themselves.
that being said, if they are rude to you in DT, they are undoubtedly rude everywhere else too. so it's best not to even bother with them.

March 04, 2010


Wise words indeed, treat others as you would like to be treated.

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