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Hi there,

I have been under great expectations in these days as I had about 14 images under pending status.

Almost a day or two some were in 'image under review' status. Very strange :) However, I was very disappointed when I have seen lots of them with: " Distorted pixels, image was interpolated, poorly scanned, upsampled, oversharpened or JPG was not saved at the highest quality." refusal message status :( or even " - Subject of your submission is already well covered in our data base and the image does not exceed in quality, composition and technique most images already online. - Lighting and composition are very important in creating a quality stock image with high sale potential." Of course from my point of view I can not really understand these but...I will get it later :P

In the meaning time I enjoyed when they accepted two of editorial photos. Is this a good practice to upload editorial images? Are they bought? Are they accepted easier?

I also have a question: on DreamsTime isn't a forum where to discuss without attaching an image :D ?

BTW: This was my first image upload, 4 years ago, and the only one till this year :D Now as I did not had any download so far, I let it to be free. Does anyone like it? :P

Photo credits: Adrian Alexa.

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November 02, 2012


You just need to spend more time with Dreamstime. Eventually you will learn how DT works and what kind of images they accept. Learn from your rejected images. Try to improve mistakes on your images and reupload them again(except if it says that "images is not for resubmittion"). Keep faith, keep shooting, keep uploading and sales will come eventually. Just keep in mind...there is no easy money over night ;)

November 02, 2012


I did not understood you, Fengai :-? Are you talking about sunflower seeds? Is my photo good or not? You would like more bright? :-?
Yes Egomozta, I know we all go through this. The point is that I am very stubborn :D Thanks to all for your replies and for future replies :)

November 01, 2012


We all go through that, with time you will learn wneh not to upload an image from the beggining. I sell many editorial images.

November 01, 2012


Hi Adrian, I think DT is very fair on accepting images comparing to the other stock companies. You just have to keep taking a lot. At the same time look at the others' portfolios, then you will learn what pictures they will accept. Especially pay attention to the photographers that have good sales.

Editorial pictures do sell very well. Keep taking them.

I am a beginner also. I've had two sales in two months with DT. But I've uploaded many pictures. I already have 215 in my portfolio in such a short time. My acceptance rate is only 40%. You see, you have to take a lot of pictures!

I think pictures of all subjects can sell as long they are good quality. Good concepts are the most important.

Good luck!

November 01, 2012


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