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When you travel to exotic far-away countries for wildlife photography the countless number of species which are unknown to you are just overwhelming. Not just the species itself but in many cases even the family is a mystery because it simply doesn't exist in Europe. The local guides know that and enjoy proudly the situation trying to surprise you with as many first-seen jewels as possible.

As in the case of the Great White Egret in the picture it happens sometimes however that the bird is either a migrant, well-known to us westerners or a species with such a huge range in it's distribution that it is found both in the old and the new world.

This Egret was shot in Peru and it was not "exotic" at all to me, it was more like disappointing as it "should not be there"!

Fortunately I made the pic anyway because today it was sold.

Great White Egret in flight

Photo credits: Joan Egert.

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February 06, 2016


Beautiful image ! Congrats to sale :-)

February 06, 2016


Thank you very much everybody!

February 06, 2016


Like NG photo!

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