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Our national bird!

The red Robin (Erithacus Rubecula) has just been made the UK's National Bird. (About time some will say!) It may be in the news for a few days so please help me add some more images to my 'red robin' collection. These are a few already there.


The Robin

Robin on geranium

Thank you in advance!

Photo credits: Ferretphotos, Heathse, Marilyn Barbone.

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June 12, 2015


Beautiful wildlife photos. Wish I had some to add.

June 12, 2015


How beautiful they are!

June 12, 2015


They do, great little characters :)

June 12, 2015


Thank you Brett! They pose so nicely don't they!

June 11, 2015


Just had this accepted
   European robin bird   

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