Our reflection in our photos

When sitting at the computer in the office sorting out hundreds of papers, you involuntary raise your head over to the window and the eye naturally goes to the clear sky… Actually in this moment you realize that life goes on not in solution of important problems in dusty offices, but somewhere out there ... are spaces hidden from us. Then you take your camera and try to draw these spaces with the help of photo… You want to leave it on image that next day in a dusty office you will contemplate with sad…

Photo credits: Alla Bovsunivska.


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April 12, 2012


The beauty of nature.

April 11, 2012



April 11, 2012


Nice article. Take more photos of your beautiful country.

April 11, 2012


You are right. Thanks for sharing....

April 11, 2012


well said

April 11, 2012


Yes, often images help us to put in our hands a moment of real life...
I have inserted your seagull in the collection:
Seagulls in flight

April 11, 2012


Yes, photos are great for expressing emotions, for finding objects or scenes that reflect how we feel. I love the seagull- it looks like freedom. :)

April 11, 2012


That's very true. I often feel like that...
Thank you!

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