Our trip to France

My wife and I just returned from our second trip to Europe visiting France this time for 11 days. Our main focus was Paris with side trips to the Claude Monet home, Castles of the Loire Valley and the Versailles Palace. We did not have to move from our hotel but found that touring is tiring having to use the public subway system and then walk to various attractions. Needless to say we did a lot of walking. The side tours were bus trips. One thing that stood out is that Paris has spectacular museums especially the Louvre which is huge and could take 3-4 days to see all of the exhibits. Other spectacular places are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame church and the Sacred Heart church.

If you travel to Paris it will be imposible to see it all even if you have close to 2 weeks. Pick a reasonable number of places. As to dining food prices are higher than the USA but Paris does have budget restaurants. Expect to pay more for the hotel-a decent room costs about $253 a night in September. We chose September because it would be slightly less crowded and less expensive than in summer which is high season. The architecture of Paris as well as the Castles of the Loire Valley prove that the French had a lot of wealth.

We are posting just a small sampling of potos-there are many more. Photography was done with a Sony NEX 3N camera with a micro 4/3 sensor which was a big help with low light photography. I did not carry a tripod so many of my low light photos were taken at ISO 1600 or much higher. Be sure to capture the people, the subway and some delicious french food as well as the musuems and other landmarks.

Europe is such a spectacular place and we have only visited 2 countries so far. Spain might be next on our list or Budapest Hungary. Bonjour!

Eiffel Tower and Moon

Moulin Rouge in Paris

Home of Claude Monet

Big Crowd at the Mona Lisa

Louvre Museum at Sunset

Chambord Castle Chateau Exterior

Chenonceau Castle on the Cher River

Beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral ln Paris

Tourists at the Sacred Heart Church

Seine River in Paris France

Room of Mirrors at the Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace, Reflecting Pool and Sculpture

Luxurious Living Room

Luxurious Room at the Napoleon III Apartments

Boarding the Subway

Price Fix Beef Burgundy

Basic French Onion Soup

Photo credits: Richard Gunion.
Richard Gunion
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I like to travel and have been to many places like California, Europe, Maine and Mexico. I live in Washington D.C. and have also taken pictures around my home including the new WWII Memorial. Digital cameras come and go so like everyone here I am always trading up. The summer is coming to end here in Washington DC and I am doing sunset shots and looking forward to Autumn.

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October 19, 2014

Some nice shots of Paris, my wife and I were in France earlier this year and I shot 1500 images, mostly down south in Provence where we stayed in a town Called La Ciotat.
Oh and I think in your description of the ingredients of the French Onion soup the word is "Consommé" not Consume.


October 18, 2014

Beautiful night pictures: congratulations !!
Thanks for sharing!


October 18, 2014

To avoid the lines at museums we purchased a museum pass prior to our trip. You can buy a voucher through your travel agent and when you arrive in parís that can be exchanged for the musuem pass at the Grand Rex theatre. It will save you alot of time and let you skip the lines.


October 17, 2014

Did a similar trip 3 years ago. Great time but the crowds just drove me nuts! I was in Paris on Oct.3 and the lines were 3 hrs. long to get into the Louvre, Ste. Chappelle and Eifel tower. Maybe Feb. would be better to do those " highlights"!
I miss Paris in the 1960s. C'est la vie.


October 16, 2014

Nice !


October 16, 2014



October 16, 2014

Good blog and great images!