Out come of show your DT Shirt assignment

So, the assignment is closed, and now voting is going on.

I thought of sharing my feelings on this, but wanted to wait till the end of submissions.

When this assignment was announced, there was a lot of hulla bulla. There was a never before confusion.

People were writing like -

' This is a money making/ publicity stunt ',

'I don't have a T-shirt from DT, what should I do',

'This assignment is running so long, because DT wants to sell their store products'...............

so and so on.

Some people said they will never participate in such a assignment,,,,,,,,,,,

But, the assignment then started. A few days on, I saw first approved image. So, everyone else saw.

With passing time, it became clear, that even if you don't own a DT cap, or a shirt, still you can take part in assignment, by either creating DT log on your own cloths, or by making illustrations.

I was looking at the approved submission, and believe me, with passing time, I was really getting impressed.

This assignment, which initially, was ( to some people) looking to be boring, or non-exciting, was coming out to be a unique excercise.

This assignment, made us photographers and illustraters to sit upright and think, "oh man, what to do"

It actually forced us to be more creative in our visualization, photoshoot and illustration.

Look at the approved submission. I like a lot of them, because they are very creative in 'mental thinking'.

While every picture is a great piece of work, I would like to mention some of them, because they are "Different"

The ones I like are those, which are NOT Obivious 'use of DT logo', wether photograph or illustration.

Look at this, this is one of my favourite. A very creative use of logo associated with wild life, insect kingdom:

© Pitris
© Evilin

Another one I like is the one, Old flash attached to camera. I like the concept and illustration.

The child with a magnifying glass is a brilliant concept.

A Great combination of picture and illustration.

'Dream Machine' an equivalent of 'time machine'. A unique thinking.

© Ptoone

Away from others, a "Four Seasons" theme -

As for the photofraphers, I think, the creativity is a bit less ( sorry folk, I said it. I am one of you ). Most have used the DT attires as the main thing to show ( which the assignment subject said, literally), and a bit did not do much creation.

I know, I am going to be bashed up for saying it, But, please look at them.

The few, which took up my attention are -

The 'lady in action' -

Another one I like is this, don't know why, but every time I look at it, it looks nice -

This one is a bit different -

This man has some expression -

© Nspals

Well, I am not, and I do not claim to be a great critic or expert. But, I wahted to share my thoughts about this assignment.

This was a GREAT assignment, and as I mentioned before, it brought out a lot of hard work and creativity from the community.

At the end, I can not stop the urge to show my approved submissions, though, they do not fall in my favourite criterial.

© Abpics
© Abpics

So, now, its time to Vote, and let's do our best.

This blog is NOT an attempt to influence any one's openion on submitted pictures. It is just my way of saying " THANK YOU DREAMS TIME"

Happy viewing.

Photo credits: Corepics Vof, Arun Bhargava, Anke Van Wyk, Dreamstime Agency, Evilin, Sandor Kacso, Neha Bhargava, Pitris, Perry Toone, Robodread, Sandra Iacone, Unaphoto.


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February 19, 2009


Hi Arun,

I've been trying to contact you, but can't see how to, other than here: I'd be very grateful if you could give me any information on the problem you had with the F828 producing overexposed pictures with horizontal banding when on full zoom. Were you able to fix it in the end? If so, what was the cause? I ask, as I have exactly the same problem now with mine!
Many thanks in advance for you help!
Kind regards,
Greg Aston

January 08, 2009


well said.... all the best to all

January 07, 2009


Well said. Many nice pictures

January 07, 2009


i agree with you...
i was also one of them who was cribbing abt the assignment but after the assignment is over im happy

January 06, 2009


i agree, some great creativity in the images above!

January 06, 2009


that begin voting .. good luck to all!

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