Out of the loop

The acceptance of this tern image surprised me because I figured it was too "ordinary" of a composition. But the light was pretty and the water had an interesting texture, so I tried anyway.

I've been paying attention to family matters (my mother had an aortic valve replacement on January 28th). All is well now but we did have a bit of extended time at the hospital. I only took a few photographs - for some reason my creativity was not at its peak! :) Anyway I am back home now and beginning the search again for interesting subjects to photograph.

Photo credits: Amy Nicolai.

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February 11, 2008


Thanks Charles. I guess it really was the texture that brought it through. I'll have to add that as a keyword!

I appreciate your thoughts about Mom. Her staples were taken out today and they said she is continuing to do well, so we are happy about that.

February 11, 2008


AmyEmilia, for what it's worth, I think thats' a gorgeous photo. The bird is beautiful, but what really gets me is the texture and color of the water.

I hope your mother is doing well. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts.

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