Outdoor photography can be as challenging as a sport

Photography to some seems like a simple job to hold the camera and snap away. Perhaps to third parties who are not proficient in photography themselves.

However, little did they know what photographers do outdoor can be challenging if not as tired as some exercises.

It is always best to travel light if we're travelling that is to say however, in order to achieve the photos we desire and the photos we aim to create, sometimes it is necessary to bring all the important (and heavy) gears along.

On top of carrying the weight throughout the journey or trip, the neck straps and bag straps really creates a burden for the shoulders and neck.

Sometimes when I'm shooting macro, all the bending and squatting down can be tiresome as well.

While looking for insects and macro subjects, I had also climbed hills and slopes, even had a slipped on rough gravels where my hand performed sacrificial damage with regards to my camera and lens.

Who says photography is just another point and shoot, shoot and go affair? Think again :)

Photo credits: Thanatham Piriyakarnjanakul.

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October 09, 2007


I can only envy that you people got great opportunities out there to explore. Perhaps when i'm older and have a career to sponsor my travel, i'll definitely find time to go africa, the wildlife really looks amazing

October 09, 2007


Hi there ,
Try the above , and then couple it trying to photograph African wildlife !

From a vehicle is just as hard , as you are limited in your luck in having good light falling on your subject , and usually no way to fix it if its behind etc .

Nothing more rewarding than getting it right though :) .

October 08, 2007


i got to say yours are more extreme than mine! a pity my country is alittle small to have any place to trek nor climb!~ Unless i venture out to overseas! =p

October 08, 2007


Totally Agree! My Husband and I took up backpacking this summer and we did a bit over 60 miles total over the summer. The last trip was 19 miles up over the Continental Divide (USA) and back down again. Along with full packs we carry two digital SLRs, a few accessories (batteries, flash cards, filters) and of course a tripod.

It takes a lot of work to get back in there where few other people get to go, but it's sure worth it!!

October 08, 2007


I'm in total agreement. Let's take yesterday for instance.

2 friends and I went to do some climbing. 40lbs of climbing gear in my pack. Super heavy rope. Quick draws, stoppers, cams. Heavy stuff. Then there's my camera swinging off my neck. Over a mile into a canyon with soft sand and some spots with quicksand.

Once we got in and set up I free climbed up a set of loose rock to find a point 80ft above my friends. All for a few shots looking down a wall. I think I'll tell more of this in a post later! But just wanted to completely agree with you!

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