Outsider wins at 25 / 1.

I just checked the Dreamstime database and found Nick Clegg was quoted at 25 to 1 in the most recent British General Election.

The other image provided by my search was of the House of Commons, the British Parliament in London.

So there was no picture of Nick Clegg who became Deputy Prime Minister as a result of the formation of a Coalition Government made up of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

I have until now had little time for flash photography but upon receiving an invitation to a dinner in honor of Nick Clegg I bought a Nikon SB600 flash gun, a TTL off camera flash cord and a straight flash bracket. The latter is so the flash gun is off axis and less likely to generate red eye.

At the dinner I was a little nervous about getting too close to the subject(s). However despite having practically no experience of successful flash photography I managed to get a smiling image of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Also at the dinner were other leading members of the Liberal Democrat Party , Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Tavish Scott, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Charles Kennedy, former leader who famously put the party back on its feet.

This post is to encourage others, new to Dreamstime, and perhaps new to flash to give it a go.

One technical point: previously I set my camera on aperture priority but the auto-exposure with flash set the camera to a default 1/60 second which invariably caused loss of image sharpness. On this occasion I set the camera to exposure time priority at 1/320 seconds and it did the trick.

Photo credits: Cooperman76, David Watmough, Pressurepics.

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January 27, 2011


If this helps anyone especially about flash please leave a comment on your own experiences or difficulties. David.

January 27, 2011


Thank you for the sharing ;)

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