over 1300 in sales now! wooohhhoooooo!!! $$$$$$$

cant believe im over the 1300 mark but i sure wish it was more.....the economy is killing me over here........i cant find a job right now, cant get extended unemployment, so this is all i have for income right now......ha ha...sounds fun i know ha ha........anyways just wanted to share that im thankful for the sales but i really hope it starts turning around........i wish you all much luck!!!!! lets all have the dream of not working and only taking photos and creating artwork as a career........

Photo credits: Fritzkocher.


Your article must be written in English



Congratulations, you deserve every one of those sales. But, I looked at your profile and it says 1,402 sales, so an extra Congratulations!!!
I also checked your website: http://www.gobletsbymarj.com Is that your work also? Your hand painted glasses are gorgeous!!!


Glad for you! Congrats! :)




Hi Fritz, keep up those sales and you will be winging it here no time, and are most welcome, and yes it is always a treat to be exposed to nature and wildlife, wish more people could understand that :0) but they dont sell that well, but at least I have the memories and the ability to have been in some very special places and love to capture any image that is offered freely by my subjects.


Congrats! It's great for unemplyed :)




Hi Fritz, thanks very much a compliment is always appreciated. As to the question, majority of my images are taken in the wild (game reserves etc...) and a few like the gorilla image and bird images like flamingos and peacocks are taken at the zoo, none of my lion images were zoo shots as I have been lucky enough to get them in their natural habitat.


WOW its a great news, 1300 sales, way to go.


I'm lucky 'cause I have a work, but I'm not a rich boy ;-) so I'm happy if I can earn something here...


Congratulations on your sales, I wish you many, many more!


You have a very nice PF, sure you will make many more.



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