Over 3 years to get 50 images online

Three years is a loooong time. For those who do not know me I can explain...

I am occasional contributor, who is trying to create some images in his spare time - but as a full-time employee, husband, pet owner, DIY home renovator, household cook, freelance DTP guy and occasional photographer... the spare time is something I haven't had a long time... And after we decided to buy and renovate (DIY) an old house outside the city (and with mortgage sitting on our shoulders) I can tell - there is not going to be anything like spare time for a long time...

The toughest thing in such situations is to stay conscious to recognize when there is a sufficiently long moment between activities, which than can be utilized for producing images... Or combine activities to squeeze in some shooting... And that is exactly what I did on one sunny day when I was sweeping the chimneys and restoring an old damaged stove left behind by previous house owner... While I was having a snack I grabbed my camera and made several shots between the bites of food - and no additional spare time was needed...

On weekend I sacrificed an hour of vacuum cleaning (by doing a "quick sweep" instead of "full sweep") and I managed to post-process one image and add the smoke (-cause the two already running stoves were far from producing black sooty smoke which I wanted to have on image... ) Next day I managed to fill some keywords during breakfast coffee, added some more during lunch time and at the evening I was uploading the file to agencies while watching (actually just listening to) the News on TV...

And here it is - my image No.50 :)

I am already looking forward next tasks and I carry the camera with me - just in case some idea strikes me while drinking the tea during break...

And yes - reaching 50 online is a small step for contributor and even smaller for the mankind... :), but it feels damn good to break that "I don't have time" excuse and do something even though it seems impossible...

Photo credits: Janceluch.

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February 12, 2014


Thank you my friends. I hope you understand that I am not replying to every comment :) - yup - lack of time is my enemy. But I have read all of the comments and I found encouragement and positive kick...

I specially appreciate Davidwatmough's and Yorgy67's comments, which made me stop and think a bit deeper than usual...

I wish good luck (and good light) to Fredbro, Martingraf, Vilaimages, Marianvejcik, as we all struggle to find time to do what we love... And specially Marianvejcik - as we are very simmilar - same country, same level of workload - and same place for shooting table :))).

And thanx for encouragement to everybody who spent some time posting comment for me...

Good Light!

February 05, 2014


Keep working! you have great images!

February 01, 2014


I know the feeling...keep working at it. Your downloads per image ratio is pretty good. Congratulations on your "juggling" with everyday life and photography!

January 31, 2014


You have a really beautiful and high quality portfolio - congratulations. I am also full time on my job and free time is so so rare - many of my pictures I did during my lunch breaks or just when on the run - I try to have my camera with me nearly everywhere, but I'm a sales rep. so I get around a bit. So really perhaps you too can just have a camera with you wherever you go and with that get some more shots done.

January 30, 2014


Great achievement, your images are amazing.

January 30, 2014


Excellent work Janceluch.Congratulation.Also fighting with free time.I have two kids and shop with auto parts,but home in the kitchen i canceled dining table,and replaced him shooting table. :-)

January 30, 2014


Great concepts and great images! Keep on!

January 29, 2014


The quality of your images suggests a higher number posted on DT would bring in lots of money. David.

January 29, 2014



January 29, 2014


Beautiful images! Interesting and unique concepts! Keep working!

January 29, 2014


I totally understand what you a going through, having almost no spare-time do to the hobby that you love. Nice portfolio and nice ideas, so keep uploading as much as you can!

January 29, 2014


Your photos are unique and the concept is great!
Thanks for your sharing!

January 29, 2014


Hi! Enjoyed your portfolio. Actually, it's not exactly the number of images on line, that matters, but the number of sales. In my opinion, you are doing a very good job! Keep pace! I like your humorous style of writing: give yourself a chance in writing as well ( to hell with "quick sweep":))))))))) Good luck!

January 29, 2014


Beautiful portfolio, keep it up, congratulations!

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